Creating Your Dream Home

“What if the pipes burst? What happens if the house floods and we still have no power in the house?” This is the question I asked my husband several days ago as we huddled for warmth in our dark and cold house, and watched our state of Texas deal with a weather nightmare. We are just two of millions of people across Texas suffering from power outages and freezing temperatures these past several days. With temperatures dropping down to single digits, we were also experiencing frozen water pipes and power outages with the rest of our Texas brothers and sisters.

Through the grace of God our pipes haven’t burst (yet) and some are slowly thawing out with the increasing temperatures. But I look at the dire situation for so many across our state and my heart breaks for them. Households have gone without power for days, they lack water, food, and some basic necessities to survive in these temperatures. On top of that, the fear they must be experiencing has led me to pray harder and stronger that I normally pray. Not only for those who are sitting alone in their cold, dark houses, but pray for those who get to experience power, health, and the necessities they need. Because I know, they too are praying for those who don’t.

Dealing with the loss of power, freezing temperatures, and frozen water pipes, I am in such gratitude to God for the blessings I have been given. Being iced in our home for the past 6 days has taught me some incredibly humbling lessons. First, the absolute gratitude that God has allowed me to have a life of abundance. My husband brings me abundance of love and support, my health allows me abundance of quality of life, and my purpose of writing my God whispers brings me an abundance of hope. In these times, hope is a treasure we don’t take for granted.

Although we have been having rolling power brown-outs for many, many days, being home with my soul mate and my 3 rescue dogs has allowed me to understand that my dream home was created on a level I never truly appreciated… until now. You see, I realized that through wanting to create new goals in my life, I created my most sacred space inside and outside of the walls of my soul… I created my dream home.When I wrote my book, The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping into the Abundance Within, I was reminded through my answered prayer that what we focus on, we create. Whether it’s creating one dollar or one million dollars, or even creating a “miracle” through something the world would consider amazing, YOU are the CREATOR of your experience.

If you desire to create one million dollars in cash or millions of dollars in value through a beautiful new dream home, you are the creator of your own story. Your soul seeks truth through the expression of your hands, your heart, and your mind. For you write your chapters into being one word, thought, and deed at a time. Knowing this, why do you choose to seek your truth out through the lost souls in the world around you? All you need already exists within you, and it will lead you to connect to its existence through your own heart. When you detach from the fear of having that experience your soul seeks, it is then that your soul will pull it forth like a magnet. You will not be able to cease from thinking about that very thing which you desire to experience. Your heart will skip a beat in anticipation. Your soul will be overjoyed in the thought of having it in your life and your reaction will be an immediate smile when you connect to the elation of already possessing it. – The Wealth Blueprint: Tapping into the Abundance Within    

Of course, being reminded of this truth is so helpful when you are wearing 2 layers of clothes, haven’t washed your hair in days and literally jump to attention like a fire drill when the power comes back on for 30-40 minutes at a time. I kept my mind focused on what I wanted to experience in love instead of what I was experiencing in fear. Even through the layers of clothes, I had clothes. (none of them matched, but that’s a different story) I got to finally wash my hair in between having power, and I was smiling through a lot of it because I was thanking God for every blessing I have and every blessing that is coming my way. THIS IS JOY! Knowing you can thank God for blessing you with a dream during a time some would consider a weather nightmare.

You too can create your dream home through some pretty basic steps….

  1. Your dream dream home may consist of a foundation of love and strength which cannot be broken, but supports all of your hopes and dreams.
  2. Your dream home may be built on your relationship with God that only you can create on the deepest level.
  3. Your dream home may allow you the security and safety of a healthy relationship with yourself and with your greatest dreams.
  4. Your dream home may be created with rooms that are filled with your hopes and your purpose. (During the moments when power was restored to our house, I was charging my computer so I could continue writing my new book and listening to every God whisper as it was the breath of life itself.)
  5. Your dream home may be strengthened from a blueprint of believing that we are all connected. Since you and I are all children of God and are one with our Creator, then you and I are connected as one as well. The higher I can lift you up in prayer, in support, and in your path towards building your dream home within and creating your miracles, the higher you uplift those around you.

So, today as I finish writing these words we have been blessed with power that is lasting longer than 20 minutes. We have water, food, warmth and a safe and loving family. However, there are still so many more people in Texas who are without power, freezing in their homes, and dealing with lack of food and water. Please continue to pray for them. Be in gratitude for what you have. For the clothes on your back, the warmth in your home, and the foundation of love in which you were created. Say a prayer of gratitude for the people who you may never meet but are sending you virtual hugs from across the world… and from a small town in Texas, USA.

Miracle Workers, always remember that you have the power to create love throughout conditions you never thought possible. Bad things happen to people every day, but you know what? Amazing things happen to people EVERY SINGLE DAY! You aren’t defined by your experiences, but have the chance to push yourself into a mindset of gratitude and greater visions. After all, what if your next miracle was coming to you and you stopped looking in the direction of that miracle because you were only focused on the fear of your life?

Me? I am a positive person at heart, and I have spent the past week of power outages, freezing temperatures inside and outside of my house, huddled on the bed with my hubby and 3 dogs visualizing the next miracle in my life. I have spent the hours of staring at a dark room with a smile on my face, and talking to my best friend in the entire world… talking to God.

You were born with the key in your hand to open the door to your greatest miracle. Are you focusing on that door and the feeling of achieving it? If not, then stop wasting time creating fear and seize your moments. This is your day to write the next chapter in the book of your life. Your journey begins with a prayer.

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