Creating Utopia – How do we create peace within when our environment is in chaos?

I have been glued to the weather channel now for over 24 hours as I watch in fear, Hurricane Maria ravage the island of Puerto Rico. Having my Papi and other family members still there, I am worried about their safety during the storm and the concern of whether or not they will still have a home once the storm has moved on. Being a woman of great faith, I believe in the power of prayer. As a matter of fact, I live my life from prayer and meditate daily so I can hear my God whispers clearly. Since prayer is a conversation with God, I maintain my communication through silent time within and by shutting out the noise outside of myself.

My greatest challenge during this time has been to keep my mind focused on gratitude for the blessings I have in my life today. It is too easy for me to allow my mind to wonder “what if” and allow fear based scenarios to cloud my thoughts. Yes, I am listening to the weather channel because a part of me needs to know where the hurricane is as it pummels Puerto Rico, but I am also taking my moments of prayer to ask God to keep my family and the millions of beautiful souls on that island safe.

Utopia is described as a place or a state of being where things are perceived as perfect and desirable. What is happening during this time with the hurricane force winds and rains is anything but perfect, but we have the ability to control our thoughts from creating fear. My blessings are rampant as I write these words in the safety of my home where the sun is shining outside and I have everything I need, so I am in essence experiencing utopia in this very moment. Unfortunately, Papi isn’t experiencing utopia as he is in the middle of a category 4 hurricane. How do we control our thoughts during a fear based experience? How can we see “utopia” through the ruble of what was once someone’s home where they lived for 35 years?

If God is within us every moment of our experience, then we have the power to rebuild our outside world from the power within our own souls. My prayer as so many families have lost their loved ones, their homes and their businesses, is that they allow the power of God within to help them rebuild their world from the inside out. Creating utopia is about experiencing the love already present within us so we can use the power of love and faith to create our new experiences outside of us.

We cannot control anything outside of us such as hurricanes but we can control how we react to them. I pray these beautiful souls who are experiencing devastation from fire, earthquakes, and hurricanes can tap into the power of God within to rebuild their foundation stronger than ever before. We can tap into the well of love and faith through the source of all that is, and rebuild our world from the inside out. We have the power to create our dream home from looking at our world through the eyes of truth… through the eyes of God. This is my prayer.