Creating the Ripple

I believe there is an incredible power within each and every one of you to create a ripple of positivity across the Universe. We all have it, yet very few are aware of the magnitude you possess to create change. What would you do today if you knew you were born with the power to change the world? How would you live your life, and better yet, what action would you take today to begin creating that change? If you looked into the mirror this morning and asked yourself what ripple of love and joy you were going to create today, your life may begin changing in ways you never thought possible. Yet, you have the power of the Universe within your own soul. Incredible! You were born with the key in your hand to create a miracle in your own life, yet being unaware of this potential keeps you stuck in the same patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting that continue to create the same experiences over and over again. As energy, nothing changes unless you change… you are the conduit of change that you may so often be looking for through answered prayers and in the world around you. However, do you believe that you have this extraordinary power to create change? Even if you did, would you know how to begin the journey?

Audra Oden Photography

When I look at my life, I used to believe that I needed to inspire change in millions before the change was considered to be significant in my own standard of measure. Yet, looking back now I realized this was an excuse I used because I was in fear. This fear prevented me from wanting to step out of my own comfort zone and do something different. If the desire to inspire is not present then neither is the action that should follow. What did I do? I decided to push myself into my own limiting fear and realize I had the power to release that fear because it was just an illusion. Here is an example. It has been many years since I ran a half-marathon, and I have lost my desire to run unless I am running to a Starbucks! Coming to the realization that fear is just a perception, I needed to break the illusion that fear had any control over my life. So, I signed up for a half-marathon that I now have 4 weeks, 3 days, and 22 hours to prepare for! Why in the world did I decide to do this when I don’t even like to walk on my treadmill? Because I need to release the illusion of fear that I have convinced myself is real. Today, I will work on running 3 miles, and tomorrow I will do the same and continue to push myself because I have an entire month to prepare. I may not be that fast, but I will complete this challenge and empower myself in the process.

Ripples are created by stepping out of the mindset of fear. Once you do this then you can connect to the emotions that having this experience will bring into your life. Although I am a little nervous, the joy I felt immediately after registering for this half-marathon was strong. It not only sustains me but will fuel my passion to complete this, because I have been known to do things out of sheer will alone. That’s my superpower!!! You don’t have to change the world through your actions of creating joy, because the one life you are meant to inspire begins with yours! This photo on the left is a perfect example of creating a ripple. When I first began trying to move the ropes, I felt myself putting all of my energy into them, but they barely moved. However, the more I focused my energy and kept my eye on visualizing the ripple, they began slowly taking a life of their own. The tempo began to speed up and the synchronized rhythm of the ropes hitting the concrete together soon overpowered the sounds of my exhausted breaths. As the ropes created the long and powerful ripple, it became easier to keep them moving because I was not having to exert as much energy as I did when I started.

Now is the time to own your truth and have the courage to create the life of your dreams. Ask yourself what it is you would create if you knew you were a child of God and creation was your birthright? It is my child, and the life of your dreams is only a realization away. Push yourself in one area of your life this very moment, and then allow that new level of creation to be your new normal. As you create one area then you will create one more, and the ripple effect will spread into every area of your life. You need not tackle everything in one moment, although you are able to do that, as the difference between illusion and reality is only a perception. – Creating Utopia

Ripples are created one motion at a time, and the beginning is often the most difficult part of the journey. The beginning of any journey is formed with a thought. This is why you must realize what you are thinking about during the day because you will create love or fear at any given moment. Once the thought is formed, then ACT on it! Tap into the joy this goal will bring into your own life and let that fuel your fire. You are all perfect spiritual beings having an imperfect physical experience. The power you hold in your mind is unlimited, so begin creating your life as if you are a Miracle Worker, because you are! You don’t have to inspire millions of lives, because one life is enough. That one life you inspire could have been yours had another person chosen to follow their soul blueprint and create something they love. Live your life abundantly in love and joy, and you will witness your life filled with more love and joy. My prayer for you is that you cherish your moments and your life, and that you realize what an extraordinary Miracle Worker you really are. Deepen your relationship with yourself, your goals, and with God and you will ignite a passion so deep that you may create your own ripples. Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.

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