Creating Your Own Confidence Connection!

“You had better enjoy it before you lose it.” she said to me as she sipped on her second glass of wine. Although she spoke these ugly words to me, she did it with this slightly arrogant and artificial “pretty” smile.  How many times have you heard people say disheartening things to you and hide behind the illusion of kindness? Of course, when this woman said these words to me, she was referring to my fitness, muscle tone, and overall health. I had been going to the gym five days a week for over 2 years, and I think she had gone as far as driving past a gym without ever stopping to enter it. As I stared silently as this woman and allowed the words to just sit in the air between us, wedging an even deeper divide, I thought to myself how unfortunate she was. What she just shared with me was her illusion and somehow wanted to convince me that this was my truth.  You see, I believe that fear needs fear to exist, and I had no interest in jumping down the rabbit hole of fear with her.

These words stuck with me for several days before I shared them with my Personal Trainer at the gym that week. We both giggled about it because I have personally witnessed women in their forty’s, fifty’s, sixty’s and above have some of the healthiest and strongest bodies to give them a great quality of life. Isn’t that why we work out so hard in the gym? It isn’t always to look amazing in a swimsuit (although it’s often my motivator) But it’s about having the muscle strength to lift your own cases of bottled water, protect your bones, and later in life be able to just pull yourself up out of the chair. This is what the wealth of health is about… having incredible quality of life so you can enjoy your life for many years to come. But how often have you heard people share their illusions and try to convince you that it’s truth? Listen to the people around you who always talk and have very little to say. What are they sharing? Is it encouragement and inspiration or are they trying to keep you in a mindset of fear so you don’t become a greater version of yourself?

After listening to my God whispers and writing my first book, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose, I changed the way I thought and realized I can control so much more of my destiny. As an author, I understand the power of words. They can create or destroy and my goal is to help you create the life you were born to live. You have no idea what you are capable of and when you CHOOSE to see your life through the eyes of truth… through the eyes of God, then you may just change your life.

After listening to my God whispers and writing my first book, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose, I changed the way I thought and realized I can control so much more of my destiny. As an author, I understand the power of words. They can create or destroy and my goal is to help you create the life you were born to live. This passage in my book resonated so much with me because I believe it to my core…

Settle not for what the world tells you that you should be doing. They are judging you on their own insecurities. Unless you desire to experience their life as they are creating it, then do not choose those situations that will lead you to experience their life. If they attempt to convince you of the fact your age or life circumstances will not allow you to become what you desire, then see this manipulation from the eyes of truth. Realize they are judging themselves and not you. It is only when you succumb to this advice and create your life from the same choices, that you too will create a life as they have created. So be very careful on whose advice you choose to surrender to.

Instead, seek the advice from Source and I will lead you to a place of understanding unlike any other. You will see through your eyes, and know from your heart how and why you have created the life you chose. The key to self- love is to ask for it, receive it, and also to create more of it.  This is where the concept of time is vital. You control this, and even though your physical bodies will age with time, your mind and spirit continue to grow in youth and in love. Your creative capacity is not limited to your body. Instead, your body is allowed to experience your life through your creative capacities. – Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose

Before you choose to adopt another person’s fear, ask yourself if this person is living their best life. Are they happy, loved, and do they have the level of fitness and health you want to create? If not, and you choose to adopt their illusion then they are telling you the recipe of how to create their life. You may realized that you have already done that, but asking God to show you what you are capable of will allow you to get back into your own truth. One way to do this is through your health and fitness journey.

Ask yourself this… When you look at your level of fitness and health, is it at a place that you are proud of? I’m not referring to being “perfect,” since perfection is an illusion. What I’m referring to is the pride you feel when you wake up in the morning, walk past your mirror in your t-shirt and see the reflection of your self looking back at you. Are you proud of the effort you put into your fitness daily to become stronger, more confident, and empowered? Or are you one of those women who becomes dimmed by another person’s illusion that aging is a lonely and terrible process?

I don’t know about you, but I celebrate my birthday every year like a 10 year-old child waiting for Christmas. (which I do that too) Each year I am blessed to be on this amazing journey of life is a gift and I look forward to it, even in my fifty’s! As a matter of fact, I have birthday months instead of just one day of celebration…. and maybe you should to! You see, I realize that from the day you are born you are aging. But society doesn’t have to dictate to you what the aging process looks like. Just because your body is changing doesn’t mean that it’s failing you. Maybe it’s your mindset towards the gift of life that keeps you from celebrating your body now. Your health now. Your transformations now.

This week I have heard two different women try to convince me that their physical problems are actually mine. One of them uses the word “I” a lot because she is ALWAYS talking and talking about herself. However, I also noticed that when it comes to sharing her fears about how she is aging, she changes her vocabulary to say “you.” For instance, “You are getting older so enjoy your body now,” “You need to be careful and not overdo it because you are getting older.” I have to laugh because she is very selective as to how she convinces herself she is amazing and in the next breath tries to convince me that I am getting too old to live. Mind you, she is considerably older than me. lol Then I realized, if I am experiencing this then how many other women are dealing with the same conversations? If we can just change one conversation and remind each other how unlimited we are as children of God, then we can empower each other!

So, I felt my mission with this blog is to ENCOURAGE YOU. To remind you that you cannot control aging, although you can be grateful for it. But you CAN CONTROL HOW YOU AGE. You have probably seen those amazing women who defy age because their mindset controls their destiny. They eat well, actually visit a gym rather than drive past one, and they share encouraging words and help you see the best in yourself. Well, consider this the place where you are going to get just that! I want to encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. To step int the world where you clap for your own successes and honor your God whispers. I want to remind you of the truth of what you are capable of. The truth that you are AMAZING, CONFIDENT, and overall exude AWESOMENESS through every cell of your being!  I want to help pull you back into seeing your life through the world of unlimited possibilities and help you build that bridge between your goals and your mindset. Yep! My mission is to  help you realize that everything you need to create the life of your dreams lies within you. Are you ready? Let’s do this!


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