Create a New Normal

As you have witnessed, the world around us is dictating that we create a new normal. Suddenly things we were focused on before the virus hit our communities have shifted and many of you are discovering peace in the activities you once took for granted. Instead of the hurried world and being delayed in traffic, you are finding time to take walks with your family and pets and enjoying nature around you. What once seemed important when it came to impressing your circle of influence may now be replaced with finding time to create your goal list and nourish your talents and gifts. All of these things are now becoming your new normal. If you are like me, you may have noticed that the world of social media is slowly replacing “selfies” with inspirational messages and recognition for our health care workers and essential employees who allow us to get food on our tables. While you are in the process of creating your new normal, be sure that you are introducing habits that feed your soul and allow you to take your joy to the next level. Being in gratitude for your blessings is a great place to start!

Do you practice feeding your soul? Daily meditation used to be my soul food, and I was so accustomed to meditating, that when I missed them then it threw off my day. Unfortunately, because of my busy schedule, I dropped meditating daily and just squeezed it in whenever I had the time. Since I started blogging my daily journal entries, meditation has become my new normal again and it has fed my soul with the nourishment it needs to create new goals. What are you doing to feed your soul? Prayer, meditation, and visualization are some of the most useful tools I have when it comes to reaching my dreams. Most importantly, the greatest tools I have when it comes to connecting to God and to my world within. To me, prayer has always been my sacred connection and although at times it has been hard to hear my God whispers, I understood them and trusted them. Never has it dawned on me to ask another person for guidance when God gives me the guidance I am looking for. How would another person know what your blueprint looks like, as they are probably trying to discover their own? Creating a new normal is about trusting your visions and honoring your God whispers to clearly move in the direction of your dreams… even if the road doesn’t seem clear.

Just as you drive in foggy conditions slow and cautiously, you still move forward because you know where your ultimate destination lies… ahead. Navigating your path through the foggy mist is also about trusting that your God whispers are your “headlights” and your role is to keep moving forward. Even if you cannot see the end of the road, you know where you are going because God gave you the vision and asked you to trust the journey. Creating a new normal is about changing your perspective from NOT having to already experiencing the creation through your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Meditating and visualizing allow you to “see” the clear vision and feel the emotions of already having it in your life today. Through this journey, I have shifted my emotions from not having my goal in my life to already feeling the love and joy of it being in my life today. My heart literally fills in joy and love when I think about my goal, to where it immediately brings a smile to my face. How? Because for the past two weeks I have been changing my perspective which is helping me to align with my dream and navigate my journey through the fog on my path. As I continue to meditate daily and pray in gratitude for already having this dream in my life today, I am connecting to it from the inside out. Even though the vision of what this represents is not completely clear, I feel the emotions of having it now which brings such joy to my heart! This is exactly what God shared with me through my answered prayer in my book Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker…

My child, do you now see that the act of creating is merely aligning yourself to the desired outcome you wish to experience? Since that which you love is seeking you, then your role in the co-creative process is to align with it and remain steadfast in receiving it until it becomes a part of the whole. You are simply transferring the energy of your wish into the physical reality through the role of the observer and creator. Your thoughts must be so tuned into your dream that your emotions already feel its presence within your reality. Once the feeling of joy and love fill your heart then your actions will align to receiving your truth.

In this creative process you are becoming consumed with new emotions of love and satisfaction, so these experiences become your new norm. There is nothing mentioned about another soul having to gift this to you or granting you permission in order to have this. Understanding this on a soul level will empower you to realize why you need not seek your dreams outside of self through another’s permission or approval. For you to replace the old with the new allows you the courage to step into a new level of receiving your dream and being an active participant in the creative process. For you cannot leach on to another’s dream if that soul has created it only for themselves. Nor can another claim your dream because they desired it once they witnessed it manifested in the world outside of them.

Now you realize why it is necessary for you to first seek the kingdom of God within and all else will be given to you. In order for you to claim your own creations, you must be in the mind of seeking and thus receiving it. If you are not searching for that very goal which is searching to connect with you, then you risk continually looking away from it and will not bring it to life through observing it with your mind and your heart. Part of the co-creative process is to become aware of what it is you are trying to create and connect your mind, body, and soul to the existence of that dream. You all seem to think this is a more difficult process than it really is.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

I am realizing as I progress through this journey that I need to create new patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting so I can create a new goal in my life. Just because I am walking in faith does not mean that I am not creating the alignment to my dreams. I think walking in faith is about empowering yourself to realize your soul knows where it is going, but oftentimes your mind gets in the way. What if you stepped out of your own way and just decided to create to a dream so magnificent that your life would change forever once you achieve it? Realizing you own the key to open the doors to your greatest dream should inspire you enough to start the journey. Pray and then listen for your God whispers to guide you. You are a miracle worker and your miracle lies within you. Your journey begins with a prayer.



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