You Can Create Extraordinary Change!

What would you say if I told you that you my friend, are built to create extraordinary change? Yes, I am talking to you! What if God were tapping on your shoulder and trying to get your attention? However, since you haven’t been listening then he sent me to pull you out of your trance and snap you back into reality. If God chose you to create something extraordinary, would you answer his call? Guess what? He has sent me here to remind you that you have a miracle just waiting to be realized. 

Maybe you have been struggling with your own spirituality and wondering why you feel isolated and in constant fear. Or maybe you have just been walking through the moments of your life with your own heart closed to self… and to God. Whatever the case may be, you might want to continue reading. You see, oftentimes God calls on us to create moments in our lives that connect to one another. These moments may just be glances as you walk past another person, an unexpected smile or kind word from a stranger, or even a gathering of like-minded souls who all want to experience something extraordinary.

Whatever category you may fall into, realize that your prayer was heard. My question to you is… are you listening to Gods response to your prayer? So many of us believe that luck is saved for the special and the anointed. However, I believe you all possess the same abundance of luck as the person who won the lottery. Except your luck has gone unnoticed because you are focused on those experiences that bring fear into your life. What if God called on you today to begin changing your mindset to create your deepest dream? What would you do? Would you make excuses and walk away, only to blame God because he didn’t carry out the work for you? Or would you honor your God whisper and walk in obedient faith?

When I decided to honor my God whispers, I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I chose not to listen to my intuition when I was supposed to call my mom one evening. Although God was insisting that I call her, after holding the phone in my hand for several minutes and feeling the anxiety well within my stomach, I chose to ignore my God whisper and set the phone down without calling my mom. Moments later, I received a call that  she had unexpectedly passed away. Because I chose to ignore my God whisper I never got to tell her that I loved her or say good-bye.

After a long period of darkness and grief, I told God that if he ever spoke into my heart again I promised I would listen. I would honor my God whisper. Well, one afternoon he did speak into my heart and what happened next was writing out the answer to my prayer in my first book, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose. Through my answered prayer I learned how to change my life in ways I never thought imaginable. Since then, I have lived my life from these lessons and have written two other books with more of my answered prayers.

These books were my miracles. They were born from my deepest pain which God turned into my greatest purpose. Had I not listened to his voice echoing through the silence of my soul, I would not be living the extraordinary life I live today. So, I ask you… what is your miracle? What pain have you held on to that you have allowed to define you. Release this illusion and allow God to heal this part of your life. Your role is to ask in prayer, listen for the response, and walk in faith to the top of your miracle mountain.

My love for you reaches beyond the depths of the greatest oceans and past the light of a million galaxies. There is nothing you can do to ever separate my love from you, for you and I are one. Together we reside in the same call of life and creation. Do you not see that in your struggle to find yourself, you have denied me as well? Because if this, I send you messengers who have also struggled with your fear. These messengers have experienced the overwhelming despair and agony that you have, so they chose to honor their calling to remind you of yours. Yet you often witness these messengers of love and call them lucky among you rather than realizing I sent them to you as reminders that you are never alone.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

You have been chosen to create extraordinary change. Are you willing to answer the call?

You journey begins with a prayer.


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