Celebrating Your Milestones

Have you celebrated your milestones?  You know, one of those goals that you promised yourself you would celebrate once you achieved it. Since I began my fitness journey over two years ago, I promised myself that I would reward myself with a fitness photo shoot once I achieved a certain level of fitness I was proud of. However, with each passing year I continued to make excuses as to why I was not ready to reward myself yet. These excuses included not being toned enough, muscular enough, fit enough, or just “enough.” Rather than celebrating my achievements, I continued to find new ways of telling myself what I was doing just wasn’t good enough. I didn’t even realize this until I looked at my calendar recently and realized that we were only two months away from the end of the year… from the end of the decade! Well I decided that enough is enough! I needed to refocus my efforts on being in gratitude and in appreciation for the journey I have taken and the milestones I have accomplished. So, I changed my self-talk and finally decided to reward myself with a photo shoot to celebrate my fitness journey.

Are you rewarding yourself for your accomplishments? If you realize how far you have come from where you began then you can count the amazing ways you have transformed your life through your own set of goals! Maybe you are not where you want to be, but isn’t the reward truly in the journey? I have so many items that I once thought were important to me, just sitting on a shelf because they are just things. They represented the accomplishments I achieved when I transformed my limited thinking to realizing I only had to change my perspective and my thoughts, emotions, and actions followed. This is what you should be most proud of… the achievements you have made in your own transformation. Whether you are celebrating losing ten pounds, running your first half-marathon, or having a deeper relationship with God, you are the miracle in your journey through life. Isn’t this worth celebrating?

You have chosen to impart your knowledge to the women of pageantry and to witness their growth in your soul circle. Whether you want to reach your destination today or in your own timeline, the process is to be celebrated every step of the journey. When you heal a part of yourself, you in turn help heal the world from a part of the pain their souls have chosen to experience in this lifetime.  One heart – one soul. Connect with just one person and the ripple effects are felt throughout the Universe.” Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose

These beautiful moments that you get to look in the mirror and experience joy for your creation are the moments that need to be celebrated by you. We have been taught an illusion from such an early age that we are supposed to wait for the world to applaud our journey. Your journey is being created by you and for you, and you have the right to celebrate every beautiful accomplishment no matter how big or how small the world thinks it is. The moment you realize this, is the moment you empower yourself to such a higher level. Realize the world is focused on their own experiences and others don’t need to validate you in order for you to be proud of yourself. This is the epitome of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-sufficiency. When you realize you are the author of your own story and can write the book of your life page by page.

How did I celebrate my milestone? I finally booked my fitness photo shoot with someone I had been wanting to meet for years. This photo is an example of the joy I experienced when I got to meet and shoot with Audra Oden Photography in Houston. Her motto on the website reads, “It’s time to show them what hard work looks like.” and this is why I wanted my photo shoot. Because for the past two years, I have dedicated my mind, body, and soul to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of, and become a better version of myself. Although I was not at the fitness level I wanted to be at, I was in the best shape of my life and this is something to celebrate mind, body, and soul! What are you waiting on in order to celebrate your greatest successes? Are you allowing yourself to enjoy the journey? If not, then realize NOW is the perfect time to start. You are the miracle in your own life and your miracle is what you make of it. Don’t compare yourself to the world outside of you, but instead ask God to show you what your life looks like through the eyes of truth.


Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.


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