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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter and thank you for following me on this journey through celebrating your life as a Miracle Worker. If you have been applying new ways of thinking and acting for the past 51 days, you are on your way to creating new goals you once thought were unimaginable.  Being a deliberate co-creator with Source is about taking control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions and aligning yourself with the greatest vision of your life. The best way to begin new habits is by repeating the new behavior daily until it becomes a natural part of your life. If you can continue to see yourself as a child of God who is connected to the greatest experiences that will bring you an abundance of love, then you realize there is so much more you can create in your life now.

Our spirituality is the foundation of how we experience our lives. Building on your spiritual development by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on yourself. Join me in continuing the creation of your greatest dreams by climbing your miracle mountain! If you can continue to develop your relationship with Source and your relationship with self, then you will continue to grow into the greatest version of yourself. By finding one goal that once appeared impossible, you can create a plan to execute daily towards achieving that goal.

The miracle mountain is our next challenge, so join me on your spiritual development and continue to push yourself forward into thinking, feeling, and acting like the magnificent child of God you are. Whether your goal is to win your next pageant, take your fitness goal to the next level, or achieving your next level of spiritual development through achieving a lifelong goal, make your miracle mountain high enough so you can push beyond your old habits of self-imposed thinking and acting. Let this be a journey you are excited about and look forward to every day for the next 9 weeks.  I look forward to taking this journey with you! Your journey begins with a prayer.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers!


Discovering Your Purpose- 2 More Days!

“Within each soul lies a blueprint so authentic that nobody else can recreate it as their own. This blueprint celebrates your passion and the journey your soul has taken to discover itself as a co-creator with Source. Your journey unfolds into pure love and potential when you connect with your blueprint and understand that it too searches to connect with you. Knowing this, you can no longer deceive yourself into an illusion you must seek that purpose in a world outside of you. When you discover your purpose and live your life on the path your journey is meant to take you, only then will you realize that utopia has been within you all along. Your state of being is meant to bring you peace and love and celebrate all that you are.

Cease from searching for your truth in a world filled with illusion and fear. Look within your own soul to uncover your treasures of knowledge and love which overflow in abundance. My child you have searched your heart and realized your gifts lie within your spirit to connect you to me, your Source of love and inspiration. Can you imagine a world where every soul would seek their truth from within and live their purpose with no regard from another’s approval? Your purpose has always been to empower souls through prayer and their intuitive gifts. Yet you realized many years ago this purpose could not be sought from the world outside of you. So you ceased from chasing illusions and began honoring the signs your soul was providing you along the way.

It has taken you many years to acknowledge your own gifts lie within your ability to create inspiration through the power of your fingertips. Yet because you had been programmed from a young age to seek your truth from the world outside of you, you perceived the world through one set of lenses. Rather than realizing your blueprint allowed you to create your life story in a unique and colorful manner, you attempted to fit it into a box created by another. Now you understand this blueprint calls not only for your courage to move forward without indication of evidence seen, but calls for your faith to trust the process by which it takes.” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia

Celebrate the 2 days left until Easter and The Rising, by creating your greatest dream. I cannot think of a better way to give all glory to God. Your journey begins with a prayer.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers!


Stay the Course – 3 More Days

“Do you now understand that you are already one with the dream you seek? For when you are able to understand this truth on a soul level, you will achieve mastery upon realizing you are not your conditions. At any point in your evolution you will know you can change your thoughts to alter your course. Yet how many souls will travel through the veil of light only wishing they had understood this truth and experienced it on a greater level in their lives? There are so many souls my child who are experience the broken dreams of their lives and placing the burden on their lack of worthiness? They have convinced themselves they are the experience they failed to accomplish, so they associate themselves as failure.

When you awaken to the truth that failure is as much an illusion as is fear, then you will understand the greatness of who you are. Yet rather than dismiss the emotions and thoughts of failure, so many souls choose to identify with those emotions of fear and disappointment, thus they cannot separate themselves from the feelings. This in turn creates the unity of the emotions of disappointment. The feelings become so overwhelming that it consumes the soul until they cannot separate their own soul from their feelings. Because of this, it becomes more difficult to bear the burden of disappointment and they make a conscious decision not to add to those emotions, so they disconnect from self and thus from their God.

For if you are one with me and create your life through the awareness of me, then you have only fear to create when you are no longer aware of my presence within you. Rather than seek to know yourself through love in the arms of all that is love, you detach from me and live your life in fear. I have called many to awaken the hearts of those who still seek to know self through their Creator. Some will awaken and answer the call while others will remain in their fear based trance. What will you do my child, when it is time to answer the call to awaken the souls in the world around you one person at a time? Will you cease to know self because you feel not worthy enough, or will you answer my call?” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia

Celebrate the 3 days left until Easter and The Rising, by creating your greatest dream. I cannot think of a better way to give all glory to God. Your journey begins with a prayer.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers!

What Will You Contribute?- 4 More Days!

“Understanding the beauty of creation is more about the experience of creating love than it is about possessing something of value, what do you desire to give of yourself for the equal exchange of that value? For if you desire to know yourself in the truest sense of love, then your soul craves the knowing of creating love in exchange for love. Consider this an equal exchange of energy my child. As you cannot create fear from love energy, so you cannot create love from an energy of fear. Anything you wish to experience in the form of love must first be made manifest from love.

Yet so often a soul will look into the world outside of self, and seek to experience love from the creation of another’s energy. These energy vampires believe it is their right to claim something of love created by another soul, and wonder why they receive it not. Furthermore, these same souls will dare create from an energy of lack which produces fear, and not receive that which they feel entitled to have from another. Rather than seeking to understand the truth of their own creation, they blame it on my will that they are not worthy of receiving what they desired. Not understanding they received exactly what they created, even though it may not have correlated with what they desired.

In order to know you are creating something you desire to experience from the energy of love, then you must be in the creative process and giving something of love from within you. For instance, if you desire to create your grandest vision as an artist and wish to enter an art competition, you must create your masterpiece from such a place of love that the outcome of your art will evoke a sense of love… from you. Once you experience the love in which you have created, it becomes not important as to whether or not you win the coveted prize from another. The soul’s expression of creating from love was ultimately experienced by you, and it matters not that another failed to acknowledge it because you the creator felt the emotion you sent forth.” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia

Celebrate the 4 days left until Easter and The Rising, by creating your greatest dream. I cannot think of a better way to give all glory to God. Your journey begins with a prayer.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers!

Joy is Not a Destination – 5 More Days!

“The love and joy you seek through the creation of your soul need not be separated through the illusion of time, space, or other souls. For that which you have created and that which I have chosen for you are already done… they are complete. Your role as a co-creator in your journey through life is to realize nothing will separate you from those gifts I have created with you, except through your perception of separateness. The moment you place your joy on a future time is when you are convincing yourself of an illusion, that you will never claim that which you desire to experience in your life. For time does not exist. So telling yourself you will be joyous “later” or have the experience of love through something you desire at another time, only tells your self that you grant yourself not the permission to receive that which has already been created for you.

Time is not the culprit rather the excuse as to why you chose not to receive that which was created for you. Realize you have the power to create in an instant, so how can time be measured as a tool to separate yourself from God rather than a moment in which to connect and create love. Listen to how you speak of that dream you desire to see manifested. Take notice of the excuses you have created to believe an illusion that you are separate from that dream. Do you use time to keep yourself from claiming that which is rightfully yours?

In your particular dream my child you have only to claim that which you desire by speaking so clearly of its existence in your life, that the illusion of separateness is replaced with the reality of oneness. For in your quest to create your grandest vision, you realized the darkness within your soul needed to be replaced with the light of truth. Of my truth.” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia

Celebrate the 5 days left until Easter and The Rising, by creating your greatest dream. I cannot think of a better way to give all glory to God. Your journey begins with a prayer.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers!


The Lottery Illusion – 6 More Days!

“The greatest illusion is that you must seek your abundance of all you desire outside of yourself. All you ever need to create the experiences you seek in joy can be obtained by tapping into the Source of all there is within you. Yet rather than take the time to understand who you are and what you are capable of, many of you would rather spend that time convincing another of your own illusion. How many of you enter into drawings or sweepstakes only to spend your thought and energy convincing another soul the ultimate prize is yours to claim? Do you not understand the soul who has already created the experience you see manifested in the physical world is the only soul who can claim that which is theirs? Somehow you convince yourself the illusion that you have the right to inherit another soul’s dream once you see it manifested before you. I tell you this. No soul can claim the lottery of life unless the soul who has created it releases it to another.

When you realize you had not the right to claim that which another created, you blame your God for not finding you worthy enough. The truth is my child, you found yourself not worthy enough. Otherwise you would have been the soul to create this and touched your heart upon every detail in the creative process. Rather than looking at this prize as a goal to own, you would have recognized it from your soul that it was seeking you as well. There is a recognition when you realize a dream fulfilled, that the dreamer and the dream are in fact one and the same. There is no separation of one from another but through the experience of creation and receiving. Do you understand this my child? For when you know from the truth of who you are as one with your Creator, you will understand that dream which you seek is seeking you as well.

Honor your creative gifts and cease from living in an illusion that you must seek something outside of yourself in order to be complete. I am one with you and am experiencing all that I am through the expression of you. Align yourself with truth and know you have all you need through the power of God to experience what the world would consider a miracle. Rather than seeking to duplicate another’s expression of self, choose to be authentic and create your own. Because one or many souls seek to create one way of creating abundance does not mean you must mimic their course. It merely reminds you that through free will, you can create a course of your own which is filled with magical moments between you and your God.” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia

Celebrate the 6 days left until Easter and The Rising, by creating your greatest dream. I cannot think of a better way to give all glory to God. Your journey begins with a prayer.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers!


Being One With Your Destiny – 7 More Days!

“Yet when it comes to building a relationship with that very thing you desire to experience in your life, you ask in prayer and then assume you have no further role in developing a connection with that dream. How do you manage to separate something such as a prize in a contest as pure luck and seek not to separate yourself from people or relationships you desire to experience? Do you not realize although the experience you wish to have is different, the creation of that relationship is one and the same? You can no more walk away from connecting with something of value to you, than you can walk away from a relationship with another soul you desire to experience. In both situations you must be fully present mind, body, and soul.

Yet what so many of you fail to realize is that the relationship with another is more difficult to establish than the relationship with self. For you cannot control what another thinks, feels, or how they act. However, you can control what you think, feel, and how you act. Why then do so many souls seek to experience winning money, houses, and fame and seek not to create the experience of having a relationship with these things when the world is not watching them? For out of contests of any kind come attention from the souls watching the experience unfold, and these souls either celebrate or condemn that which they so often fail to understand.

Would there be fewer people taking a stage if the world outside of them failed to applaud their talents and performance skill? Would more young women walk on the pageant stage if they sought not to be uplifted by another? How many more men and women would honor their calling if it mattered not to them whether or not the world outside of them validated their talents? What if you chose to harness that very thing you love and worry not about the glory from others, but honored yourself through the glory of God? Would you feel worthy enough to create that experience? More importantly, would you create the experience for yourself without the outside world honoring you in the process?” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia

Celebrate the 7 days left until Easter and The Rising, by creating your greatest dream. I cannot think of a better way to give all glory to God. Your journey begins with a prayer.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers,

Hope vs Faith- 8 More Days!

“If you are all one with your Creator and seek only to experience the perfection of self through this physical illusion, then why do so many of you choose to experience perceived lack? Is it due to not understanding the creative process or because you feel emotions of unworthiness, that you seek to create more feelings of being unworthy? My child so many souls will seek to discover themselves through seeking out the expression of their grandest dreams, yet they battle the fear of unworthiness. You become your biggest obstacle when trying to achieve a dream. Yet your heart becomes frustrated when you witness the creation of abundance from souls around you who have learned to honor themselves.  Because you fail to understand the creative process, you then believe I favor some and choose to label those souls as lucky, when in fact it is the creative process at work.

Since you do not know what it is to accept yourself fully you find it difficult to understand another’s self-acceptance and label it as arrogance. You fail to express yourself completely through creation and witness another’s creation and label it as fate. All the while you are continuing to fit into a tighter corner of fear so you need not take responsibility for the creation of your own life. Do you not understand that every moment you are experiencing your life, you are choosing to experience it through the eyes of fear or through the eyes of love?

So much of the problem arises when you witness the manifestation of another soul’s dream and see it in its entirety. This dream may appear to you as an expensive car, an extravagant lifestyle, or the abundance of wealth. Because you see the appearance of this dream in its fullest form, you fail to realize this dream was created through tiny moments of thought and energy. What you see is the outcome of the dream and not the process that soul took to create this beautiful manifestation through years of hard work and disciplined thoughts. Because you see only the result and fail to understand the creative process, you are quick to label it as luck or destiny, when in fact this soul or groups of souls created their own destiny.” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia

Celebrate the 8 days left until Easter and The Rising, by creating your greatest dream. I cannot think of a better way to give all glory to God. Your journey begins with a prayer.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers,

You Are the Creator and Observer – 9 More Days!

“In this journey into self-love you became awakened to the truth of the power of prayer and the power of God. For only by seeking me and desiring to know your truth were you able to open yourself up to the world of possibilities of what you cannot see. Your soul uncovered the meaning of love and the meaning of life. You discovered you are both the creator of your experiences and the observer. You create through your thoughts, emotions, and actions and observe using the same process. By honoring your passion of writing, your soul experienced a healing unlike any other and you will continue in your awakening by sharing this journey with another.

For in the world outside of you lies a world filled with fear which separates souls from their Creator. In your search to discover yourself through understanding fear, you grew to understand love. My child, you have been so afraid of dying that you forget to live in the moment and cherish your life in the way you know it. Do you not think the souls who have crossed over the veil of illusion seek not to remind you all is perfection in this journey? Do you not think their only hope is to shake you out of your trance and remind you this journey is an illusion that doesn’t define you? Each of you have legions of Angels and souls connected to you on a level you will never understand if you remain in an emotional place of fear.

Cease from creating the same patterns of life that confine you. Relish in the truth of knowing you are all creators and nothing can ever separate you from the power of God.  If you find yourself experiencing fear when focusing upon your dream, realize you are in a place of reaction rather than creation. For when you feel the emotions of fear you are observing the dream being detached from you, and are reacting to the anxiety the perceived separation creates. When you are in a place of deliberate creation you are creating from a place of love, and are experiencing the connection to your goal before you even perceive it in the physical world. Become aware of your emotions and let your soul guide you back to the place of love.” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia

Celebrate the 9 days left until Easter and The Rising, by creating your greatest dream. I cannot think of a better way to give all glory to God. Your journey begins with a prayer.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers,