Building My Dream Home

Your body is your kingdom and God has given you the keys to your kingdom to create it in the manner which you choose to experience. Although you cannot control the outside elements, you can control how you choose to care for your body… or your house. Since writing my answered prayer in the book, Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker I learned that your body and soul is your greatest home. You have the power to create your own dream home from within the walls of your own soul. What a beautiful opportunity you have to really create a home with love, joy, and peace. A home that allows you the freedom to celebrate your own unique gifts and create your life from your own extraordinary power!

However, all too often we look at the world around us and only see the celebration of others celebrating the exterior of their house – which is their physical body. Since, there is no placed to celebrate the internal beauty of your soul, then it becomes you job to celebrate yourself with all of your might! You don’t need the applause of the world around you in order to truly embrace yourself mind, body, and soul. Your dream home needs to be renovated in all areas, and often the most important areas are those which have no tangibility for photos. This is the area where you celebrate your relationship with God by developing your soul, and your mind by deepening your limitless potential. These don’t need the applause from the world around you. Yet, if you are not receiving the applause from the social media, are you willing to just like yourself and all of your own accomplishments?

Let’s face it, many people believe that if it is not posted on the social media… does it actually exist? I will be the first to admit that I have been focused on renovating my soul’s home into my own dream home. Although the exterior has changed a little with time (😊) I am still capable of controlling how I think, feel, and act. Like with every home renovation project I have helped my husband with, I look at my own body as a work in progress. I have full control over what I eat and how much physical activity I do with my body. This is the exterior of my temple… my house. If I choose to recreate it into my own dream home, then I need to define for myself what I want the exterior to look like. I am in control over that.

If I desire to dig through the cobwebs of my soul and rediscover my gifts, then I can go within my own rooms in my soul and clean out the old thoughts and limiting mentality I used to have to make room for the new. All of this I have complete control over. Since working so hard on cleaning out the rooms of my soul, I have discovered my love for writing. This is what led me to write these amazing books that have healed my soul and completely changed my way of thinking. This is how God was able to tap into connecting with me, through what I loved the most… writing. When was the last time you looked at your body, mind, and soul as your dream home?

Realizing you desire the ultimate experience of the emotion of love allows you to focus your attention on that which you love. If you desire to create a dream house and have it not in your physical experience, then realize your dream house first resides within the walls of your soul. Envision the beautifully lit rooms in every area of your soul and walk through the doors of these rooms to experience those emotions they will bring you. For these rooms represent not only borders for which to place your belongings. They represent emotions of love when you have family walk through the passages that connect you to something greater than yourself. You can experience those emotions now.  As you visualize the colors every room will have and the emotion you experience within the walls of these rooms you experience this very moment in the creation process.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker



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