Are You One-Dimensional?

Are you hiding behind the curtain of your own life? Think about it… how many times have you chosen to just celebrate your own gifts without worry of what another person may think? When I wrote my first book, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose I realized that I had been hiding behind the curtain of my own life for many years. Although I have always wanted to be a writer, I only dreamed of being an author. After all, at the time my biggest fear was letting people read my thoughts on paper because I didn’t want to be judged. Then with the grace of Gods amazing sense of humor, I wrote my answered prayer word for word in this book and then published it!

Believe me, it wasn’t easy at first. What would people say when they read my answered prayer? Would it change someone’s life? As I went deep into silent prayer every day that I wrote these words, God changed my perspective from fear of judgment into love for self. This book literally changed my life because I gained a new respect for myself that I had never experienced before. I finally understood that another person’s opinion of me had absolutely NOTHING to do with me. It was a reflection of how they felt about themselves. When I truly understood this truth, I went deeper into my own soul to discover who I was and began the joyous adventure of creating myself.

Being more than one-dimensional is about embracing your gifts and allowing yourself to become the master of your own universe. I transitioned from being in media sales for 17 years to embracing a newfound coaching career where I could transform women’s lives across the globe! I have worked with clients in Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and many other countries that I would have never gotten to reach had I not stepped out of being one-dimensional. If you can realize the “box” you have put yourself in was in fact created by YOU, then you can detach from the illusion that something is holding you back from living your greatest life.

Reality is such a magnificent state of mind because it affords you the peace and the comfort of knowing your life is yours to create. Your self-expression allows you to empower yourself as a co-creator with me, and to realize your own creative capability. What a wondrous and beautiful place to be! For when you choose to view your own life through the eyes of truth, you will discover a new world of creativity waiting for you. Remove your fog covered lenses and see that you are capable of anything you desire to experience my child. You create experiences every day that support your illusion of fear or your reality of love and joy.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

So this brings me back to my dream. The dream with me standing on a rock and God telling me that I was born with the key in my hand to unlock a door that only I can open. Behind this great door is a path that forces me to step out from behind the curtain of life and create my life through the gifts God gave me. You have in your hand, a key that also opens a door that was designed specifically for you. Are you willing to walk in faith and create the story of your life as if it were the miracle created specifically for you? Are you willing to push beyond what your eyes can see and your ears can hear, and focus your energy on only those experiences that bring abundance of love and joy into your own life? You won’t discover them on the social media, nor will you even care if anyone is watching your creative process? Why? Because you will experience a deeper relationship with God, with yourself, and with your goals. You hold your own key. The choice is yours. Let’s open our own doors and see where the road takes you. Your journey begins with a prayer.


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