The Illusion of Separation

I believe one of the greatest illusions we are taught is the illusion of separation. This separation being between you and God and you and your greatest dreams. Think about it, if you are one with God and God is all there is… it only makes sense that you are one with all there is as well. One heart one soul. The problem comes when our perception deceives our mind and then our hearts. My belief is that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. In order to know yourself as a creator in your own life, then you must know what it is you are capable of creating.

The act of creation is more about aligning your energy with that very goal you want to experience in your life. Yet, what you think about you become, so if your thoughts are inundated with negativity and fear then you create experiences to either support more negativity and fear or you can choose to shift your thoughts to create love. Separation is an illusion that allows you to know yourself as a creator in your life, so just because you are not aligned with your dreams does not mean they don’t exist. It only means you need to vibrate your energy on the same frequency your dreams are vibrating at.

The only things you can control in your life are your thoughts, emotions, and actions. If you spend the majority of your day focused on the stress of your job, the toxic relationship you are in, or feeling unfulfilled, then your thoughts are creating more of the same. However, if you shift your thoughts and begin aligning with creating that very experience you want in your life, then you can begin to immediately start feeling the creation of it. Your thoughts create the vision and that vision once detailed, will connect your emotions to the experience.

Think about holding someone you love. Whether you are holding your child, your partner or your pet, just place your thoughts around holding this person or pet in your arms. As you imagine feeling their warm body next to you, then your mind wraps around their touch, their smell, and finally appreciating feeling their heartbeat next to you. With the creation of every detail, your heart now begins to feel the emotions of love and joy. Before you know it, a smile has crept across your face and it is as if you literally have this experience in your life now.

Now that person or pet no longer feels separate from you, but your senses have adapted to what they feel like in your life this moment even though they may be miles away. The perception of separateness was no longer keeping you from experiencing their love and the joy this love brought into your heart. Your dreams are no different. As you begin to practice visualizing having this experience in your life now, your emotions begin to grow with joy and love, until you begin acting on these thoughts and emotions and begin to create the experience of having it now into your reality.

“What often separates you from your desired dream is not the fact that it has yet to be created, rather you have yet to connect yourself to what has already been created by you and for you. My child, you live in an illusion filled universe where you have convinced yourself of the falsehood, that if you do not see the dream in front of you then it has yet to exist. In fact the opposite is true. Your dream already exists and is very much alive, yet your role is to align yourself with that dream and already see it within your life. Then your perspective will shift from not having to already having that which you desire to create. Nothing separates you from your dreams greater than fear and the illusion of time.

I have already explained to you that time is an illusion and yet you build your entire physical existence on the illusion of time. You convince yourself that you do not have enough time to do those things which bring you great joy and love, yet you control how you spend the moments of your life. How can you tell yourself you have not the time to dedicate to creating your dream and then choose to dedicate that same time to creating fear? If you realized the amount of time you spend on memories that bring you fear from events already taken place, or even the fear of moments to come, you would see how you spend your time. The purpose of time is to allow you to measure your moments being co-creators in your life.

By choosing to live in the present moment and visualizing already having the dream you desire to experience in your life, you are making use of your time to be aligned with the creation of that dream. However if you choose to squander your moments by creating fear then blaming another for your lack of time, then you alone are responsible for the creation of that fear. By aligning yourself to the reality of that which you desire to experience has already been created by you and for you, then you spend your moments in the truth of living that creation. You need not see it immediately in your physical presence to know with all of your mind, body, and soul this vision of creation is already yours. You need only to remember that as one with your Creator, you can align with my presence and you will feel the creation of this dream turn into a reality.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

Practice aligning with your dreams and create step by step action plan that will allow you to start creating it in your life today. This process is no different than anything else you have created to date. Except now you are becoming a deliberate creator. My Mindset Masterclass Coaching will give you tools to begin aligning with your goals and see yourself through the eyes of truth and unlimited potential.

Your journey begins with a prayer.


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