Keep Moving Forward

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr.


This quote is how I live my life. I have always been an incredibly persistent person, and I think sometimes it has also been my weakness. Especially when I ran a half-marathon in Austin earlier this year. You see, my New Year’s resolution was to set a new time goal for my 4th half-marathon and quitting has never been a word in the vocabulary of my life. Since so many people never actually achieve their new year goals, then I was aware I had to accomplish this goal. Except this time, I wanted to push myself harder than I have ever pushed myself during a half-marathon. This was my goal….and I should have been much more specific so the Universe didn’t take me at my word. As I started running, almost 5 steps into the start of the marathon my foot began experiencing sharp and excruciating pain. Every time my right foot hit the pavement, I would have a steering pain shoot through my foot. At first I thought I just needed to “run it off” but as the race progressed, my heart sank as I realized this pain was not leaving and I would have to make a choice. Either quit… or finish. Those were my only options.

Let me tell you these options remained with me for the miserable 3 hours it took me to finish! It was the slowest time I have ever had and undoubtedly the most painful experience I had ever put myself through. When my husband asked me why I didn’t just quit, I dropped my head and just mumbled, “I couldn’t.” Believe me when I tell you that I wanted to quit with everything I had. But for those three miserable hours, I tried to find that switch in my mind that would allow me to just quit… to stop the race and take the cart of shame back to the starting point. But I couldn’t. It doesn’t exist in my mind.  Especially when you go into anything you have made a conscious decision to finish, even a 13.1 mile race!

The result of this decision was a damaged right foot. Having my surgery yesterday, I realized that I needed to go into the surgery with a strong mindset. So rather than feeling defeated, I decided to align with a new online fitness coach who is absolutely amazing!!! My meal plan and workout plan for the next week as I slowly heal will keep me pushing forward without feeling defeated. It actually transformed my anxiety for having my surgery into excitement towards having a strong body (and foot) to begin a new fitness goal. This is what life is about…choices.

Every day you have the choice to live on purpose and create a life that makes your heart smile, or to repeat old patterns of behavior and feel like a victim of your own circumstances. We so often become overwhelmed by fear that you forget you have a choice every moment of your life as to how you will create it. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are Gods gifts to you and the tools for creating your life. He will never override your free will, so your role is to pray and ask God daily to show you what the greatest version of your life looks like. When God answers you, then you are to listen and move forward with the instructions he gave you. I love my relationship with God because I can ask anything knowing that God is listening. My role in this relationship is to be an equal partner and listen to my answered prayers as well. Then to honor my God whispers, because God will never deny me a relationship with him. Nor will he ever deny you a relationship with him.

By honoring my God whispers, I have replaced my running goals with weight lifting goals. My nurses who cared for me during my surgery were also runners. One a marathoner and the other a short distance runner! They suggested trying biking because the muscles we use to run are similar to the cycling muscles we use. So, now I have two new fitness goals. God is so good! Listen to your answered prayers and trust the relationship you are developing with your Creator. It will lead you to experience sell-love, self-acceptance, and self-sufficiency. Your relationship with God will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself! You will learn how to see the world Through the Eyes of Truth and limitless possibilities. Remember, this life is the only one you have so treat yourself with the greatest love and respect. Your journey begins with a prayer.


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