My Prayer for You

What would you say if I told you that I have been praying for you? Although we may never meet, and you may never even know my name… I have prayed for you.  You see, every day I ask God to allow me to reach his beautiful Miracle Workers and use my gifts to inspire truth into your life. Each day, I ask God that my words reach those who they are meant to inspire. Whether you are reading my books, being coached by me, or just passing through my social media posts, I have prayed for you. You see, as children of God you and I are connected through our loving creator. I believe with all of my heart that what I send you in loving thoughts, uplifting prayer for peace in your heart, or miracles in your life, there is NO doubt that God has heard my prayers… for you.

Since we are all connected, I believe that we all soar on the same set of wings. The higher I can uplift you and your energy then the higher we all soar. The more love I can send to you through light and positivity, the higher our communities are lifted and the world in which we live tips more to the side of love instead of fear. Because of this, I pray daily for you to realize that God hears your prayers. Every word you speak and every thought you send out, God has heard and responded. Are you listening? I pray daily for your soul to experience love in its greatest form, for your heart to experience joy in being an extraordinary creator in your own life, and for your mind to realize that the Source of all miracles lies within you.

It is by no coincidence that you have stumbled onto my blog and are reading these words. I know this, because every day that I pray for you I ask God to allow you to realize that these small coincidences in your life are actually big confirmations that he is responding to your prayers. The question is…. Are you listening? When I was at the lowest point in my life after losing my mom to breast cancer, I had to deal with the guilt of not honoring my God whispers. I ignored God’s voice when he very clearly told me to call my mom just moments before she passed away unexpectedly. Because my fear was greater than my faith, I chose to ignore my God whispers. She passed away 20 minutes after I ignored God and put the telephone down. Because of this, I never had a chance to tell her that I loved her and never got to say good-bye. This memory has haunted me for years, but is also the driving force for my purpose… to connect you to your God whispers.

I believe there is power in every story and God has allowed my mistake not to become my greatest failure… but my greatest accomplishment. After dealing with the grieving process of losing mom, I promised God that if he ever spoke clearly to me again… I would honor him. Period. I would not ask questions nor would I hesitate again. Little did I know how important this promise would become. One afternoon when I was feeling lost and hopeless, I dropped to my knees and asked God to show me my truth. As tears streamed down my face, with eyes closed I saw the word “WRITE” appear vividly in my mind. This startled me, so I immediately opened my eyes and stopped praying. Then closing my eyes again, I asked God once again to show me my truth. Again, the word WRITE appeared as if in white chalk against a black board.

Remembering my promise to God, I pulled myself from the kitchen floor, sat down at my computer which had been sitting on the table, and wiped my eyes. “What do you want me to write about?” I asked slightly annoyed. Mainly because this didn’t feel like a very good answer to a prayer that included me on my knees and sobbing while I prayed to God. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and do you want to know what happened? I felt a blanket of warm pure love slowly pour over my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. It was indescribable! I melted as I just allowed this pure love to sweep over every ounce of my being and I didn’t want it to go away so I just kept my eyes closed and relished the feeling,

Suddenly, I saw words just being downloaded in my mind as if someone was transferring them quickly. Keeping my eyes closed, I watched as these words became whispers and I just watched and listened. What distracted me was the sound of clicking on the keyboard and I opened my eyes to realize I had been typing pages of these words on my computer. Since I didn’t want this experience to stop, I continued typing for what became at least an hour and once I took a break, I realized these words were literally the answer to my prayer. From that point on, I wrote my very first book straight from my God whispers titled, Through the Eyes of Truth. The lessons I learned through the teachings in this book literally transformed my life. How? I discovered my passion which led to my purpose.

As I have these past years, I will continue praying for you so you may discover your own relationship with God and cultivate this as if it were the greatest gift in the world… because it is. Through learning how to hear your own God whispers, you may be led to discovering your purpose and finding joy in your life like you have never experienced. Because I have been praying for you all of these years, you are reading these words. Know without a shadow of a doubt that God hears your thoughts, he knows your voice and he feels your cries.

The next time you experience a dream that may at the time appear unattainable, rather than tucking it into the recesses of your mind to collect dust, acknowledge this dream. Ask yourself, how you would feel if you were able to experience the creation of it. For through love all things are possible. Then you will look within your soul and ask me how I can help you make this dream come true. Life is a journey that was created to inspire and to be joyous. Enjoy your life and realize that throughout every moment of your lifetime, there are dreams just waiting to bless lives and create more love. What will you do with yours? What will you say in just one precious moment when you feel the hand of God resting upon yours? How will you answer your calling? Will your dream be tucked away into the depths of your soul where it will continue breathing through you? Will you answer the call and understand without even the slightest doubt, that all dreams are possible? That often in the worst of times, God presents the impossible so you can believe in miracles. – Through the Eyes of Truth



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