If You Are Not the Hero of Your Own Story then Re-Write It.

The question isn’t how many people are liking your social media posts and following you… the question is, do you like yourself and are you creating your deepest dreams? So many people have become obsessed with sharing their lives through social media, hoping the world of strangers will validate them with a single click of a “like” button. However, ask yourself how much more time you would have if you used your creative energy to dig deep and discover more of yourself to like? In this day and age of social media followers and engagers, it becomes too easy to lose yourself in the world around you. If you don’t limit the amount of time you spend following others lives, you risk not creating your own to the potential you have within you.

Every day you must ask yourself if you are the hero of your own story or are you following other perceived hero’s instead? We are all blessed with the same 24 hours in a day as the other, but what makes a small percentage of people incredibly successful is the amount of time they dedicate to writing their own story and creating their own life. Your mind is your greatest masterpiece, so every moment you have the power to create change that will spark new goals and experiences. These goals should include you as the hero who utilizes your own God given gifts to inspire another to see something beautiful within themselves as well.

Your mind can create experiences for you to achieve miracles or it can succumb the numbness of repeatedly watching the world around you unfold while you just wait for your hero to knock on the door and present you with an opportunity of your dreams. You need to become the hero of your own story that is creating new opportunities that will leave your soul imprint into the world so another person can discover their own and create a ripple effect. But all too often you sit in the silence and pain of your hurt and rather than making opportunities through writing a new story… you make excuses. So, the hero of your own life story sits in silence, alone and wishing their life would change without taking responsibility for that change.

What if you were to take a pen today and write a new chapter in the story of your own life? What if you made a list of your greatest goals and a step by step action plan as to how you are going to achieve these goals? Instead of making excuses you made a plan. Rather than blaming another person or a situation, you take responsibility for how you respond to the circumstances you have been dealt? Day after day, and year after year you witness people in the world around you create miracles from nothing but thought and energy because they chose to harness their creative power and work through the unknown. They chose to push through the pain. Which person are you?

Every soul on this earth has a beautiful “love story” in which to share their truth. Inspire the world by reminding them of this truth. When they are ready to seek me with all of their heart, they will come to a deeper understanding and knowingne

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose

Make a choice this moment to write a new chapter of your own life with you as the hero. What are you doing to inspire your own sense of self-love, and how will you create a ripple effect to inspire change in another? We are all energy and are one heart and one soul through our creator. God has given you the same power to create a life of passion and purpose or to choose repetition of creating the same experiences you have now. The choice is yours. If you feel stuck and no longer know what your dreams are, then start with a prayer. God has blessed you with free will and will never impose his will on yours? Your role is to open communication with God through prayer and seek the truth of your own existence so you can pave a new road that will lead you to become the hero of your own story.

When I finally dropped to my knees one afternoon and asked God to show me my truth, my journey into empowerment and purpose began. Since that moment I never looked back. I have learned that God wants nothing more than to establish a relationship with you, but you need to learn to listen and to honor your God whispers. The first step into the unknown may be the road you take into creating the life of your dreams. It all begins with you.

Your journey begins with a prayer.



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