My child, the wealth blueprint is about the value you share in your perspective of your own self-worth. Seek it not from the world outside of you. Instead, connect to the well of life within the walls of your own soul where I exist and only seek to have communion with you through your life journey. I seek not to experience financial abundance or lack, rather I seek to join you through this experience as your blueprint unfolds. You are the creator of your dreams and I join you through your awareness of me. Seek not to take from another that which you can create from within. For as more souls unite in their own light, the world will become brighter and fill the void where darkness exists.” Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping into the Abundance Within

When you are in darkness, you reach for the light, right? What do you do when your soul is in darkness? Do you reach for the light of God? How many miracles have you turned a deaf ear to because you forgot that you are not alone? How many unanswered prayers were actually answered but you just failed to listen and most importantly, believe they were your God whispers? Could you even imagine putting forth the focused attention to building a relationship with God as you do building your bank account and finances?

What if the wealth you are searching for and working tirelessly for day in and day out, at an unsatisfying job was actually within you? Would you know how to tap into that wealth and begin manifesting it from the inside out? Wealth is abundance and your abundance of anything you truly want to experience first starts within you, and is then experienced in the world outside of you… not the other way around. So, when you are exhausting yourself and neglecting your own God given gifts, it may be time to pray.

In my life, I’ve discovered that the most miraculous journey’s always began with a prayer. Always!!! My first published book, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life & Discovering Our Purpose began as a conversation with God, and from that answered prayer I wrote my God whispers down word for word and created my first book as well as my deepest relationship with God, my goals, and myself. Through the life changing lessons in this incredible book, I was able to discover my love for writing and my purpose towards helping others create their loftiest goals.

The road to The House that God Built is a challenge for you to start focusing your efforts in creating your greatest miracles and stop giving energy to the things that don’t bring you peace or joy. I am taking my journey week by week and sharing with you just how I manifest my life goals. My goal is to share with you my up’s and down’s and to help you realize that the greatest change agent for your own life is YOU! The house that God built is your own mind, body, and soul. Every single day you are one with yourself, yet how often are you focusing on cultivating the gifts God has given you to create happiness and purpose?

Take this week to ask God through prayer or meditation just how your life looks at this moment through his eyes. Through the eyes of truth and love. Once you hear your own God whispers then start building a deeper connection with god so you can discover the path to your happiness oftentimes begins walking hand in hand with your creator. My relationship with God is the greatest gift I’ve been blessed with throughout my life, and this year I am going to deliberately take this relationship with God, my goals, and myself to the next level. Are you with me?

Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.