As co-creators with God and children of the all mighty, abundance is every soul’s birthright. The difference is the soul you witness winning wealth or a new home has connected to their abundance by going within and creating it from the inside out. Yet too few of you realize this truth, so you continue living your life convinced of an illusion that I favor one soul over another.” – Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

As a little girl, I would watch Miss Universe winners grace the stage and envision myself being as elegant and graceful as they were. I would clap in excitement as the winner reacted with shock and tears, and wonder what it felt like to win something so coveted. Now, as an International Communication Coach and Life Coach for women, I have learned that these beautiful experiences are not about competing with another, but more about creating the experience before it is even witnessed in the world outside of you. How? By using the tools within you and aligning with the experience you want to have now. Maybe it’s not about being lucky… maybe it’s about the law-of-attraction.

After writing my first book, Through the Eyes of Truth, I discovered the key to winning anything is to be the creator of the experience, stay aligned with the emotions of already having it, and execute the actions needed in order to make this dream become a reality, You have the most powerful tool to create in your own possession and it is completely free! What is it? Your mind. Within your own mind contains the ingredients to manifesting your greatest life. Whether you want to manifest a new car, a new house, or win a nationwide lottery, you hold the key in your hand to unlock the door to your own miracle. Are you using your God given tools to create the experiences you want?

Let’s face it. As children, we are often taught the only way to get something is to try to out-compete the other person for it right? We are told by our parents that we need to go to school and get a good education so we can get a good job and be able to retire with a good amount of money in our savings later in life. Yet how many of us are taught how to create experiences using your mind, emotions, and then mastering the skill you want to have? In other words are you being taught how to be good enough to work for somebody else or how to create your own blueprint and be the master of your destiny so you can be self-sufficient?

As children of God, at the core of who we are is energy. You and I are pure energy vibrating at a certain frequencies. I believe as children of God, what our soul truly wants to experience through anything is the connection to love. Whether this love is from a relationship with another person, realizing your own potential through the emotions of empowerment, or the excitement of winning a prize, you are trying to connect to love. Since love is an emotion, then you have the ability to create the emotions of love this very moment without the evidence of the goal in front of you. Ultimately, this is what winning any competition must feel like… the emotions of love so deep and gratitude so magnificent that it sends ripples of joy throughout your entire body.

Knowing this, what if you started to create the connection of love that you want to experience through a goal now? If you want to get a promotion, then ask yourself how you would feel when you are awarded this promotion. Are you surprised or expectant in a grateful way? How does it feel to walk into your new office and know you have a greater opportunity to achieve your dreams? What will you do with the added income that comes from your promotion? All of these questions allow you to begin connecting to the feeling of love in so many ways. Empowerment, joy, gratitude, all of these emotions come from the connection to love. You don’t need to see this promotion in front of you this very moment to connect to the feelings of already having it in your life.

Emotions are just a part of your manifesting techniques, but such a powerful tool when it comes to creating your goals from the inside out. You need to be aware how you feel throughout the moments of your life, because your emotions are a magnet to connecting to a life of love or experiences of fear. Being deliberate with your intentions and how you want to feel throughout the day will allow you to be a magnet and draw in more of the same emotions. If you want to know what it is to have your biggest goal in your life now, then connect to the emotions of already having this goal and make the connections a habit until you feel as if your goal is already present in your life.

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