The process of creation is such a gift, yet few of you have tapped into your potential to create the life of your dreams. This diary provides you step by step focused action to take into consideration of what miracles lie within you. Only you must desire to create this miracle and remain steadfast in your focused attention until you witness it created in the world outside of you. Consider anything you have created successfully and the time you dedicated to draw that experience from within your own soul. You sought not to ask another for the permission to become that which you know you were meant to create. Instead, you trusted and honored your God whisper to the extent that you knew without a doubt this dream was meant to be a reality. 

As creators you use the power of your intention or your thoughts to create a detailed vision of that which you desire to experience. The more detailed the vision, the greater the emotions of love and joy begin to arise within your heart. From these emotions you then create an action plan as to how you can tap into the energy of that which lies within you in order to create it in the world outside of you. Nothing you create is born from another, but has been manifested through your habits of thought and action. Now as you tap into a deeper understanding of what dreams ignite the spark in your soul, you must remain fixated on that vision until you breathe life into its very creation. 

Creating Your Universe

If you could create a dream home, what would it look like? Think about it. So many of us dream of having a beautiful home that represents a haven where you can feel safe from the chaos in the world around you. But when you look at your life, have you created this home? I’m not referring to just a pretty house where you live, but a true dream home where you feel love and connection to God when you enter through front doors. This dream house doesn’t just represent a physical structure but where you house your mind, body, and soul. I think this is the most important house of all.

I would love for your to challenge yourself to create a house that love built. One that is filled with the rooms that hold your greatest dreams and your deepest loves. This house is one you get to choose how it is created. It can be one that you move into, one that already exists, or even dreaming bigger… one that you create in the spiritual realm but get to receive in the most surprising and unexpected way! This way you know without a shadow of a doubt that you created this with the power of prayer and action as a co-creator with God.

What would this look like for you? If love can move mountains then it can create the most beautiful miracle that may inspire another person to look within their own souls and realize what they are capable of. We tend to focus so much on what already is that we have adopted the illusion that we have to compete for something we want because there isn’t enough. But competition is an illusion. You a re a born creator and you can inspire one person through your miracle to help them see what is possible. To let them realize the power of the mind to unlock the door to infinite possibilities.

Create a house for yourself that will empower another soul to see what their mind, body, and soul are capable of creating. Ask God to show you what the greatest vision of this dream looks like through his eyes, and then start the manifestation process. Work from the end to the beginning as if this vision is already a reality. Remember, you are a born creator and the greatest toolbox you have within you lies in your mind. Build this house in a way that has not been documented before. Steer away from what people have already done and build your new dream home in such a manner here once you see it come into your reality, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you and God created this miracle from a vision.

Your journey begins with a prayer.