“If you desire to experience a life of wealth then you can create that financial freedom just as easy as you create your life of financial hardships. Use your creative power to use the tools provided within these pages as your guide to manifesting one million dollars or anything else you wish to experience. The thought of being a millionaire must be supported with the emotions of already having your wealth in your life. Picture it not as just material possessions, but how those possessions bring more love and joy into your environment. For you must create the connection of emotions of love because you desire to create love and joy in your own life.” – Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping into the Abundance Within

Destiny is often described as a power that controls your future. Something that takes hold of your life and places you in situations that may just be unexplained. But what if the power that takes hold of your future is in your mind? What if you create your own destiny through the influence you hold within your own thoughts, emotions, and actions? Will that make you feel empowered or downright terrified? After all, we are often taught that we have little to no control over our own lives and future, so to consider destiny as a form of luck or something unexplainable would actually support this notion. If you feel comfortable believing that your success is out of your own hands, then you may not push yourself out of your own self-imposed thinking.

If I can change your mindset and offer you a different explanation, you may just realize that you hold within your own mind the ability to alter the course of your life. You just need to understand how to think differently. Your goals are the keystone to your legacy. They allow you to take the process of creation and express what you love into physical form. Whether you are trying to set a fitness goal, a career goal, or a life goal, all these goals began with a thought. A possibility that you could do something you loved from a vision in your mind’s eye. Look at your life and the accomplishments you are most proud of and ask yourself how these goals became a reality.

If you had to explain this process to a child, would you be able to tell that child from step A to Z how you manifested your greatest achievement? More than likely you would be able to not only explain to this child how you achieved this goal, but you would probably give them advice and show them proven methods that worked for you right? We do this every day when we send our children to school and help them learn math, science, and languages. It rarely crosses our minds as students that what we learn is impossible. After all, everyone knows how to attend classes and get an education right? We are taught as children what to think, but few children are taught how to think.

I feel we get so structured in teaching our children the basics of life and education that we forget there is so much more to learn about the power of our minds. The greatest learning computer in our possession often takes a back seat when it comes to stretching the limits of potential and imagination. Often to the point where we become adults and only believe what we have been taught. We often forget that there is power in knowledge and that your thoughts have the ability to transform your life in ways that may bring you greater abundance of love, joy, and anything that makes your heart sing.

I have found the best way to achieve my greatest goals is by starting at the end and working backwards. Ask yourself, if you already had this goal in your life today, what would it look like to you? How would your life change? Would you carry yourself differently, act differently, dress differently? What would your day look like? How would you be of contribution to the world so you can inspire another miracle worker to become a greater version of themselves? When you can begin detailing every part of your life and start bringing these habits into your daily activities now, then you begin creating the experience of already having this goal. If you can start at the end and work backwards, then your goal may be more achievable than you once thought.  

Look at your life through the eyes of God and release the limits you may have placed on yourself. If you get stuck or need to change your perspective, then ask God to show you what your situation looks like through his eyes. Then lean into your dream with all of your might! You deserve to live the life you were born to life you were born to live. Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.