When you seek knowledge, I will fill your mind with unlimited truth. When you seek to discover love, I will fill your heart with the depth of love unlike anything you have ever known. When you choose to know yourself on a level beyond what the world tells you that you are capable of, I will show you a world of unlimited possibilities that surround you unlike any other. I will unfold a world of dreams that soar beyond the scope of what you thought were ever possible and I will allow you to see and know yourself as the child of God you already are. There is nothing, absolutely nothing you need to do in order to seek out my approval. For I created you with the perfection of all you need in order to achieve the most remarkable life you can have. – Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from Creating Your Universe – Suzy Bootz

Are you struggling right now just to manifest some of your goals? I know the feeling… the frustration can feel so overwhelming to the point where you ask yourself if you are really hearing your God whispers or just making the whole thing up! I’ve been there more times than I care to count. However, I also had to realize the minimal amount of time I was spending in the world of illusion just chasing rather than creating. Time spent repeating the same patterns of behavior and thinking only to expect different outcomes. Accountability is a beautiful partner, so I asked God to show me what my life looked like through the eyes of truth. Wow, what an awakening!

God showed me that I was trying to study the patterns of those who I considered to be successful so I could mimic those patterns and get the same results. I was acting like a computer trying to copy an algorithm instead of a spiritual being with unlimited potential. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, then keep reading. Now is the time to ask yourself how much time you are spending creating that dream through your relationship with God, and how much time you spend asking others how to create a vision only you have seen? Think about it. (Then read those words in the paragraph above one more time.) One of the biggest struggles I’ve had when it comes to manifesting BIG dreams, is that I am self-sabotaging. A part of me was trying to create huge goals with God while another part of me was trying to get the approval from my friends. I realized that I can’t get both. Why?

You see, Creating your Universe is about tapping into the greatest computer you have… your mind. God created you as one with Source, so there is no separation between you and God other than the one you create in your own mind. You get to determine the extent of your relationship with God, your goals and even with yourself. The amount of time and energy you spend developing your relationship with God will determine how easily you can hear your own God whispers, and most importantly how quickly you respond to them.

So if you are struggling to manifest your greatest dreams, then you need to be honest with yourself first and ask yourself how much time and energy you are spending throughout the day developing your relationship with God and with that goal. Manifesting is something you do every single day, but deliberate and intentional creating takes focused energy and attention. You deserve to get to experience the deepest love you will ever know through your relationship with yourself and with God. Why not allow yourself the compassion and love to pour yourself into your own dreams. You know, the same energy you use to pour into others, now add yourself on the list.

I realized just how to develop my relationship with God and my goals when I wrote my book, Creating Your Universe. Not only did I ask God to show me what manifesting my greatest dreams looked like through the eyes of Source, but I wrote down my God whispers word for word until I finished my books. Then I studied the tools and absorbed the information in this book until I truly understood it and applied the life lessons to my patterns of thinking and acting. Therefore, I began creating my universe with more intention and love. The outcome? More manifested miracles in my own life that bring joy to my heart!!! Most importantly, I created a deeper relationship with God, my goals and even myself.

Life is a remarkable journey and every moment is a chance for you to create love and joy, or the same patterns of behavior that lead to the same outcome. Either way, we get to choose. If you feel stuck, then ask God to show you what life looks like Through the Eyes of Truth. Then listen and create your greatest life from those answered prayers… your God whispers. Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.