“How can you choose not to honor your path and convince yourself you are unlucky or worse, unworthy of having all you desire? For it costs you no amount of money to create love from your own hands. Only time, energy, and most of all courage. This courage must be pulled from within your own self-imposed limitations. The world is filled with miracle workers who took an intangible idea and created a life of wonder, and so many of these souls offer you tools to assist you. Yet when you sit down at the end of your days, you senselessly watch television shows which support more fear, or immerse yourself in the lives of others by following them on your social media channels. You cannot live your greatest life if you are spending the majority of your moments following another living theirs. How much time do you spend praying, visualizing, and working towards that very goal which will bring your life greater love and joy? Forget the amount of money right now, as you know wealth lies within you already. Tapping into that wealth through your blueprint of using your God given creative gifts will allow you to understand how that which you seek is seeking you as well.” – Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping into the Abundance Within
Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose

Manifesting takes courage. It takes a lot of fearlessness to be able to stand in front of the mirror of life and believe something to be a reality when in fact it may appear as if it doesn’t exist at all. This is a scary thought. Especially since we are taught as children that what you see in the real world is the only reality and what exists in your mind is imagination. Yet how can this be truth when everything you think and feel begins inside of your own mind? It takes a lot of courage to think for yourself. To believe in yourself, and most importantly to believe in your own unlimited potential. It’s scary. It’s often lonely… but it’s where the magic happens!

Manifesting is a dance with God. It’s the art of life combined with the art of creation and it can be sheer beauty or daunting pain, depending on how you perceive it to be. As humans it often feels as if we spend so much of our lives in survival mode. But as spirit, our soul has the capacity to create some of the grandest dreams you can ever imagine. Since you live most of your life through patterns of repetition, then it’s human nature to go back to what you know… the patterns of the past. Whether these patterns are driving you towards a life of purpose or an emotion of fear, it tends to become comfortable because at least you know what to expect.

However, the expectations bring about the feelings of familiarity which oftentimes brings you comfort whether you want to experience them or not. This is where the courage is called. I feel it takes strength to push past the feelings of the known and create new emotions through the unknown. This can be a little scary because the unknown can throw off your patterns of security. Let’s face it. So often we tend to shy away from new experiences because we would rather sit in a life of familiar and unsatisfied instead of pushing yourself into the territory of unknown experiences because it can feel frightening.

When you dance with God through the art of creation, you get to experience these new feelings with your creator. You get to listen to your God whispers and listen to Source guide you every step of the way. I’ve had this dance with God through writing my books, and especially my first book, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose. The moment God said “yes” to my prayer to show me my truth was the moment my life instantly changed. I discovered that Gods whispers are as easy to hear as the sound of my neighbors voice, His love as easy to feel as the love from my husbands heart, and as easy to understand as the messages we are inundated with from news sources daily.

You see, you get to choose who you listen to every moment of your life. When you think you cannot hear Gods voice, its often because you haven’t taken the time to cultivate your relationship with God and learn to decipher your God whispers. Developing a relationship with God is about learning to speak and then sitting in meditative silence to listen to your responses. Since you and I are one with God, then through Source is where the greatest love is experienced. Not through your telephone or your social media. So often I get the response of, “but God doesn’t talk to me.” You and I both know better than that, especially if you pray. You know that praying is about being alone with your thoughts and using your thoughts, emotions, and actions to connect to God on a soul level. Waiting for Gods response takes the same amount of attention.

Are you giving God the same attention you give your friends and the strangers on the social media? When your intention becomes as strong as your desire to know love on a form so deep, it will change your life…. that’s when you will become so in tune to your God whispers. It’s truly the greatest form of love you may ever experience in your life. Then the courage becomes easy, because you know you are not walking your path alone. You are enjoying creation through a dance with God. Remember your journey begins with a prayer.