“Your answers lie not within the walls of a dream home or even on the dollar bills in your bank account. For if you can create one dollar then you can create one million more. However, you must seek that abundance from within and there I will be waiting for you. To guide you into a world of love so deep that you will know how much I love you.

You will no longer fear being alone in your own soul. For you will develop a loving connection so deep that this bond will never be broken by another. What God has joined is connected for eternity. I am the alpha and the omega, the time you seek, the distance you feel and the joy that fills your heart. I am the truth, the light, and the road to the greatest love you will ever experience. This journey through your precious gift of life was never about wealth or abundance or material possessions. This journey is about loving self so deep that you desire to connect to your greatest gifts.” – Suzy Bootz

The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping into the Abundance Within

What picture comes into your mind when you think about having abundance? Is it wealth, health, or love? Do you picture a beautiful new dream home or a brand new car sitting in your driveway? Or does your heart skip a beat when you envision having all of the time throughout your day to do what you love? Abundance comes in many forms and it is so personal that no two ideas are exactly alike. So when you look at your life while you are working yourself to the bone, what abundance are you trying to create? After all, you need to know why you are working hard and dedicating so much of your life to your career or your job. If you don’t know exactly what abundance looks like in your life, then how will you know when you have enough of it?

As a child of God, I believe that abundance is your birthright. Since you and God are one, then you hold within your own soul the wealth of knowledge and understanding to create abundance of anything that brings love into your own life. Are you living your life in this truth? I personally understand what it feels like to be in lack. Having been raised in a family with humble beginnings ,I like so many had to learn that I am not my experiences. Just because we may have had a very tight budget doesn’t mean that my entire life will look like my childhood did in terms of lack. It just means that the lack was an experience in which to grow and to see what I wanted my life to look like, as well as what experiences I wanted to omit as an adult.

As children we tend to believe everything we are taught without question. Rather than asking God to show you what abundance looks like through the eyes of truth, you may have believed everything you were taught and still be living your life in a mindset of lack. Yet how can you be a child of lack when your God is all abundant? This could be because your mindset hasn’t changed to reflect your truth. Instead of listening to others tell you what abundance should look like in your life, you should be praying and asking God to show you. A change in perspective may just change your entire life.

If you need to be inspired then pray. If you need to have a change of mindset and perspective then look around your world and see the miracles that happen every day that have God written all over them. These people are not special or any more important than you are. They just may have a different relationship with God, with themselves, and with their abundance than you have. You can change this. Rather than focus your attention on the world outside of you, use your time to dedicate to developing a stronger relationship with abundance in the way that best suits your life. Ask God to show you what your current situation looks like through his eyes and then listen for the answer. You may just be surprised how close you are to Creating Your Universe in the way that brings you the greatest experiences of love and joy.

Your journey begins with a prayer.