This dream may appear to you as an expensive car, an extravagant lifestyle, or the abundance of wealth. Because you see the experience of this dream in its fullest form, you fail to realize this dream was created through tiny moments of thought and energy. What you see is the outcome of the dream and not the process that soul took to create this beautiful manifestation through years of hard work and disciplined thoughts. Because you see only the result and fail to understand the creative process, you are quick to label it as luck or destiny, when in fact this soul or groups of souls created their own destiny. ” – Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from Creating Utopia – Living life as a Miracle Worker

Think about the deepest relationship you have. Whether its your partner, your friend, or your family member, you have probably developed a deep relationship with someone who you have invested time and energy in, right? I feel relationships are such a gift and I don’t take mine lightly. Yet when I had to really understand how manifesting works in my life, I needed to take a step back and ask myself some very important questions. You see, I wasn’t developing the relationships with my HUGE dreams, only with those that seemed attainable. Buy attainable, I mean those dreams I have already manifested and felt comfortable in repeating. But why? Do you find yourself doing this as well? If so, read on my friend…

After writing Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker, I had to go back and really study the lessons in this book. Yes, by now you probably know that I not only write my books through my answered prayers but I also read and re-read them over and over again until the messages become a part of my life on every level. So when God spoke into me one afternoon, that I would be receiving a blessing that I considered to be huge, I had to ask myself why I wasn’t manifesting this goal. I truly believe that once God shows you a vision, he has already created that goal for you. It is up to use as individuals to connect with, and align to that vision so you can see it manifested in your life.

My problem was that although I did believe this vision to be truth, I wasn’t living my life as if it was already in my present experience. Why? I believe that with every new goal we love, there is also something about it we fear. The two strongest emotions are love and fear right? Love brings joy, happiness, peace, excitement, and all of those happy feelings. Fear on the other hand brings us anxiety, unworthiness, and even anger. So I had to reach down beyond the layers (just like I do with my clients) to understand what my own fear was. Once I did, I had to replace it with something I loved about this dream. Then I had to create this habit in my life every single day through gratitude, visualization, prayer, and action.

In other words, when God shows you visions, then you have the free will to decide if you will follow through on the creation of this vision or if you will continue to live through patterns of old habits and thus. creating the same old experiences in your life. Which one are you choosing? Look at your life today and ask yourself what your relationship is with your goals, with God, and with yourself. Your life is a reflection of those relationships. If you want to experience the greatest version of yourself every day, it means you should probably start developing a deep relationship that invests your time and energy into creating. You are an unlimited child of God and how you choose to see your life will determine what you choose to create. You may just be one thought away from your greatest miracle.

Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.