“When you consider fear and competition need not co-exist, you become aware of how much your thoughts create your experiences. Anything that is not of love is born from fear, and this includes those fears which prevent you from experiencing your greatest gifts and living an extraordinary life. Whether your fear includes a perceived fear of failure or success, it is still fear. Although the two are polar opposites they have one driving force… to create more fear. This is how you master your mindset and create experiences that you can control the final goal. It comes down to the emotion you wish to experience and then your mind contemplates the journey it will take in order to reach the outcome. 

Knowing your gifts and understanding how to grow love in your life allows you to create such powerful experiences of love, that you cease from needing to compete with another in order to have that which you seek. Look at healthy competition and realize it exists in the mind of the creator. One can take an event which is intended to create love and joy and see only that which they fear, and the ultimate outcome will be fear. Even if they win the perceived prize, they are experiencing the emotion of that which they desired to create initially. Now look at an outcome of not winning the valued prize in a competition, and if a soul created love through the process of competition, then that soul will enjoy the emotions of greater love flowing into their lives. The prize is nothing more than a material possession in which to place on the shelf of your closet and later collect dust. What your soul seeks to know is the experience of self-love.

If you can clearly understand why you desire to enter any competition, then you get to master that experience and enjoy the outcome which you intended. Being devoted to a mission, a cause greater than yourself allows your soul to connect on a magnitude of love on levels you have never known. You are all perfect energy beings having a physical experience. Yet your energy binds you to one another, and as one with God, it binds you to your Creator. One heart, one soul. Yet so often you fail to recognize your creator within one another. Although you wander off of your path, you choose to remain lost rather than seek truth within your own heart. So now you choose to see yourself through the eyes of truth and realize the key to unlocking your dreams lie within the treasure chest in your soul.” –

Excerpt from Creating Your Universe – Suzy Bootz

Some of my greatest achievements all began with a thought. Becoming an author, empowering women as a coach since 2008, and winning competitions. All of these experiences began with a thought and then I followed through with the manifestation process. Because of my personal experiences, I don”t believe in the illusion of competition. I believe we are born creators and everyday we are choosing much of what we want to experience. Whether our life is a series of patterns or intentional thought, I believe we have more control over our life than we give ourselves credit for.

I believe that we live in a thought filled universe. Think about it. Everything we have began with a thought. The piece of paper to write your thoughts, your computer, even the chair you are sitting on… all of these things begin with a vision someone had. Then they took that vision and expanded on it through focused energy, and creative action, they took the necessary steps to achieve the unimaginable. You do the same thing. Look at any of your accomplishments and you will see they began with intention. A thought so focused that you felt the emotions of having it already without the presence of its existence in your life. Piece by piece you created action from that vision until you made it a reality.

Knowing this, what is stopping you from creating great big miracles in your life? You know those miracles I am referring to. The ones that are jaw dropping and unexplainable. The ones that once they happen you can go back and explain to another how you manifested them into your life. Yep, those miracles! You hold within your own power the greatest miracle in the world….. your relationship to God. Your unlimited mind, and your passion to create experiences that bring love into your own life. So, what is holding you back?

Consider this… maybe God is showing you a vision of a dream that only you can create. Yet you haven’t chosen to focus on this vision because you lack the confidence or even the faith to manifest it. Instead of turning away from this vision, ask God to show you what the creation of this looks like through his eyes. You get a completely different perspective when you ask God to co-create your life Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life & Discovering Our Purpose and unlimited possibilities. You were never meant to dim your own light and hide from your life. You are a miracle and how you express yourself will ultimately determine what kind of miracles you can create. Your journey begins with a prayer.