What if another soul embarked on a journey into her own self? If she inspired you to release the self-imposed shackles that restrict her ability to manifest the life of her dreams, would you observe with an open mind and allow the see of hope to be planted in the soul of your beautiful life? Or would you choose to negate her experience as being lucky or special and ignore the sounds of my voice calling out to you in the still of the night?

Whether you wish to understand it or ignore it, your soul screams out to you through dreams that you have yet to life the veil on. Your soul seeks expression of self to understand what a magnificent child of God you are, and in the moment you negate your calling…you negate me. For I seek only to know you as a creator and live in the expression of love through you. How can I do this if you close the door to self-love? – Suzy Bootz

Excerpt from Creating Your Universe – Suzy Bootz

These words came to me as I asked God to show me how to manifest a dream I have been working towards creating for so many years. As I wrote my God whispers down word for word, I realized that I was being given the tools to create this dream from God’s perspective. Most importantly, I needed to know my “why.”Since we are emotional beings, I needed to connect to the emotion of why this dream was important to me and to others. Which leads me to my tips…

Manifesting Tip #1: Know Your Why

This is going to be very important to you on those moments you want to quit, surf the social media instead of work, and basically during those times when you need to convince yourself that you are not crazy and you really are hearing your own answered prayers. When God spoke into my soul word for word, I truly understood why I was chosen to create my own miracle. Because God needed you to know that your prayers are heard and always answered. So, I create my greatest dreams and goals because my why includes you. 🙂

It is so easy to lose yourself in this world to the point where you no longer even know the yourself or your own opinions. As children we are taught what to think rather than how to think, so we often carry over this philosophy into our adult years without even questioning your own opinions. As a result, you become lost in the world of loud voices, shouting opinions, and bombarding images of fear until you convince yourself that what you see is all you get.

What if you changed your perspective and asked God two show you truth? You may realize like I did, that you create your world with you first and then see it manifested in the world outside of you. So there is no competition but really the process of creation. How? Because whatever you tend to see in the world that you want to have in your life has already been created by the person who manifested it long ago. You too manifest things daily, but maybe you are not focusing on creating what you want, but instead reacting to what you don’t want.

When I look into the world today with a global pandemic striking, a war in Ukraine, and so much fear, I have to remind myself of my why. This was God can keep me focused on creating ore love in my life, having better relationship with Source, and ultimately creating my universe. What are you focusing on today? If you need some inspiration, then I encourage you to read my book Creating Your Universe which is a book I wrote by hearing my answered prayers and writing down my God whispers. It changed my life and maybe it will change yours as well.

Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.