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If you choose to experience being a world famous author and reminding souls of the power of prayer, you must prepare yourself for this journey. I will call you forth to write books that support your desires and prepare them for the world. You will be called to write out your own self-discovery on how you created your dreams , so you can empower another along their journey.

Further, you must know your own “why” so you can remain steadfast in your message and not waiver. All of this must be completed through the faith and the knowing that as quickly as you asked in prayer for that success, I have brought it forward to you.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

In an instant, God can create a miracle in your life. It just goes to show that when God closes one door, it’s because he is preparing you for another open one. How many times have you given up on a dream when you didn’t achieve it? My loves, I pray my journey inspires you to realize there is no expiration date on your dreams. You see, several years ago I had a vision before I awoke one morning, and my vision read “Mrs Universe Retreat.” It was clear as day but I received no other information after I woke up.

For months and even years, I meditated and prayed while asking God to show me what this vision meant. Although I thought I was done entering pageants, especially since I have been a pageant interview coach since 2008. Having the privilege of coaching women across the world has allowed me to share the tools I learned on how to develop a relationship with yourself, with your dreams, and with God. So, much to my surprise I realized that I still had it in my heart to hold another title… actually two titles. I felt in my heart the passion to become Mrs. USA Universe, and one day… Mrs. Universe.

I’ve learned that when God shows you a vision or places a connection of love in your soul for a goal, then it is already done. God has already created the goal. Your job is to connect to that goal from the inside of of your universe so you can see it manifested in the world outside of you. We are all born creators, and through my relationship with God over the past 11 years, I have learned that anything is possible. Especially since God has already done the work and created that very vision you have been shown. Yet, we all have free will and get to choose what you focus your thoughts, emotions, and actions on. In other words, you get to choose your life. You can either choose to walk in faith and believe the vision is reality or you can choose to walk in fear and only believe what your eyes see. Either way, it’s a choice and your free will.

So, I chose to walk in faith as I have done for the past 11 years and create this experience from the inside out. I used the tools that I learned when I wrote my book, Through the Eyes of Truth and wrote down word for word my answered prayer. I learned that we are all miracle workers and have the power within to create our greatest dreams. Instead of tuning God out (which I did once already and it didn’t end well for me) I decided to apply all of my tools from my spiritual toolkit and listen to my God whispers once again as I created this miracle that we call, Mrs. Universe 2022. Representing Transcontinental Pageants is a dream come true and getting to inspire women on a larger level will help me to teach more miracle workers that you all have the power to create the life of your dreams!

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Your journey begins with a prayer.