Hi, my name is Suzy and I’m an author, personal coach, and mentor. My mission? To help women from all across the globe not only discover who they truly are, but to also become the best version of themselves.

Ever since I was a young child, I felt like I always had a deep connection with God and the universe around me. I’ve always found it easy to recognize or hear when my own prayers were answered. I consider myself a very spiritual person, who lives life passionately through the Law of Attraction, remaining connected to my true essence, as well as “listening” to God.

I truly believe that every single person on this planet is a Miracle Worker. Everyone has a purpose. A divine mission and goal for being alive on this planet. It doesn’t matter if your spiritual practice consists of meditation, prayer, fitness, writing or journaling, or even in the creation of art – you have the power to create your own miracles that can ripple out into the world around you.

When it comes to working with women and helping them discover who they truly are (and their own mission in life), I always focus on the Big 3 principles: Mind, Body and Soul. By focusing on these core foundations of human “being”, and doing a bit of deep inquiry and exploration, I’m able to help my clients discover their own WHY in life.

Once a client can uncover (or discover) their own WHY in life, it always opens the doors to something greater in their own mind, body and soul. It ignites change. It fuels motivation. It allows one to live with purpose. When this is achieved, life begins to flow much easier. Opportunities magically appear. Things that were once a struggle become effortless. Life (and the love for life) will begin to fall into place in a more abundant and rewarding way.

“I’ve never conserved myself an ‘in the box’ thinker. I’ve always had the unique ability
to hear the subtle ‘God Whispers’ in my life. Because of my ability to get in tune with
these feelings and messages, I learned very early on to trust my intuition.”

I didn’t think much about these God Whispers until my own mother passed away from a tough battle with breast cancer in 2004. The night my mother passed away, I felt God speak directly to my heart – telling me to call her just like I had been for months. But this time, it felt different. I was more anxious. Anxiety flooded my body as I picked up the phone. This time, I didn’t make the call.

20 minutes later, I received a phone call telling me that my mother had passed. I lost my one last opportunity to tell my mother that I loved her. I was absolutely devastated and spiraled into a severe depression for months after that monumental day. Luckily, thanks to my loving husband, a lot of support and even counseling, I began to get back to everyday life.

But with that being said, my faith in God had been broken. I was angry, both at God and myself. Then something strange happened. I decided that from that point on, I’d put all of my trust and faith not only in God, but also in trusting every single God Whisper that would ever come my way again.

As I continued to struggle, I dropped down to my knees and prayed. I begged to know what to do next in my life. I needed help. I needed guidance. I needed an answer.

Then I saw one single word resonate with me very deeply – WRITE.

At the moment, I was overcome with the urge to sit down and start typing on my computer. I had no idea what I was going to write, it just came through me. In a matter of minutes, I quickly realized I was typing pages of direct answers to my own prayers. Right there in black and white.

“This entire process blossomed into entire books of insights and information which eventually
Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, Discovering
Our Purpose, Creating Utopia Living Life as a Miracle Worker
, and The Wealth Blueprint.”

These books have not only transformed my own life in a number of amazing ways, but I’m now able to use these same books as tools to help change the lives of women who are also struggling. I’m able to help them create their own miracles through my one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops as well as directly with my books.

Now I want to help YOU. If you’d like to find out more about my one-on-one coaching or have any other type of inquiry, then feel free to contact me here.