What would you do if God spoke to you? On March 6th, 2019 I had the most remarkable dream. I was standing on top of a huge rock, and I saw a large structure in front of me, but it wasn’t clear because there was a great deal of fog and mist in between myself and the structure. However, I felt this building was a large house. God spoke to me and told me there were two ways of getting this house. Either I could buy it, which I could not afford to do at this time, or I could be born with the key already in my hand. Then I looked down at the palm of my right hand and saw a key resting in it. Suddenly the key became illuminated with a brilliant light, and when I looked back up at the building, I knew I would be able to open the door. Then I awoke.

As I pondered this dream, I realized that each of us are born with a key to open the door of a dream that only we can have. Whether this dream is something you are already creating, or one that is resting in the corner of your mind, you hold the key to a magnificent dream that only you can create. Yet, how many times do you spend looking at the world outside of you searching for something another person has already created? I struggle often with the balance of what is possible and what seems to be unrealistic when it comes to creating my dreams. However, this particular dream reminded me that God blesses us with the gifts of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Since God is unlimited in thinking and all that is, then everything we can imagine is possible with him, and especially when we create our dreams through him.

We each hold the key to manifesting our greatest goals. You know, those goals that once you create them others may consider to be a miracle. Yet we so often watch what has already been manifested and assume these goals are the only things we can create. When in fact, they are only a representation of what is possible. What happens when we realize we hold the power within the palm of our hands to manifest our deepest desires, our greatest miracles? In my dream, I understood what God was trying to tell me. The dreams you have within your soul already exists within you, but you have to stop looking at the world outside of you in order to make them a reality.

If you hold the key to owning your greatest miracle, then you need to seek it from within the walls of your own soul. This means your goal exists within you and in order to experience it in the world outside of you then you must align with it in the world within you. Prayer is the first step towards aligning with your dream, because you are connecting to the source of all there is through God. Then by listening and honoring your God whispers, God aligns you step by step to the experience of this already having this dream. Your role is to listen and be obedient. This means that rather than searching the world outside of you for approval and guidance, you are praying and listening to your God whispers. Rather than spending hours on the social media following what other people are doing, you are creating and executing action plans that bring the experience of your greatest miracle into the world outside of you.

When you hold the key to your greatest goals, you connect with this goal by doing the work when people are not cheering you on. You are using your thoughts to create the connection of what this dream looks like if it is in your life now. Then your emotions of feeling joy and empowerment begin to fill your heart throughout the day and when your thoughts revert to thinking about having this experience manifested now, then your heart aligns with the excitement of supporting this dream. Finally, your actions will follow suit. You will make room for your dream in your life today and live your experiences as if it already exists. Even though you don’t see it with your physical eyes, you know this is real within your heart and in your soul.

How? Because you were born with the key to opening the door to your greatest dream in the palm of your hand. God placed it there before you even came into this journey through life, and when you choose to finally connect with this miracle then it will be yours for the experience. Nobody else can take this dream from you because you hold the only key to opening the door of this dream. What are you willing to do for your dream? When you choose to connect with God and walk in your own truth, then the light of your dream will illuminate so brightly that it will guide you to a road only you can walk.

On this journey you won’t need the approval from the world around you, nor will you need to gain “likes” from strangers on the social media. You will be so connected to your dream that your passion will drive your purpose. When you close your eyes to sleep at night your passion and dream will be the last thing on your mind and the first prayer of gratitude when you open them again in the morning. There is something so innately rewarding when you follow Gods plan, that you no longer need to live from the illusion of the world outside of you, because you are filled with love and truth from the world within you.

For if you desire to inspire another by reminding them the power they have to create the life of their dreams comes through their connection to God, then do something that will inspire them. Choose how you will get your new dream home. Do you desire to create it within your mind and then purchase it, or do you desire to be creative and reveal to another soul how they too can create that which they desire through prayer and serving as co-creators in their own lives?

Everything you choose to do in connection to your desire of wanting to inspire another and empower another, let it come from your heart of contribution. If you seek to empower another then provide them the tools you used to create the dream you once thought impossible.

Creating Utopia Living Life as a Miracle Worker

My dream was so special that I knew I needed to share it with one person who may be inspired to pray tonight before you go to bed. Every night, every morning, every moment I can remember to pray… I do. My relationship with God is the greatest gift I have been blessed with, and this dream allowed me to share just one of the ways God communicates to us. You have a dream tucked in the depth of your soul just waiting to be realized. What are you going to do to make it happen? Remember, whatever your dream is know that you hold the key in the palm of your hand to open the door to your greatest miracle. Your journey begins with a prayer.