Competition as you know it is an illusion. It doesn’t matter if you are competing with another person for a fitness competition, a pageant, or a one million-dollar prize package, competition is created not won. We are all energy and whatever you focus your energy on… you create. So many people enter contests in hopes of winning the ultimate prize, yet you fail to realize that this competition has been created by someone who manifested it through their creative energy. The prize that is to be “won” has already been claimed by the creator, and what you witness in the world outside of you is the experience of getting to know yourself as a creator through the world of perceived competition.

How many times have you entered a contest and waited to hear your name called as the winner? Yet, all the while you are waiting, you are experiencing emotions of fear and anxiety that your name may not be called. From this emotion, your mind begins to pray and ask God that you win in order to do great things with the opportunities that come with winning the prize. You even “claim it in the name of Jesus” thinking this will allow you the win, but you forget that most people are doing the exact same thing you are…waiting in fear and anxiety. Yet, if you consider that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience then you should already know if you are the winner or not. Even before the drawing has even taken place. This can be for any type of competition or contest. It is as if your soul is experiencing fear because you already know on a soul level that you are not the creator… the winner.

The moment I understood how the act of creation takes place within us, it completely changed my life. I began winning pageants starting on a national level, then on an international level. From there I have coached many winners across the world, because I help them understand how to create their experience far before they walk through it in the physical world. The world within you is the reality and the world outside of you is illusion. Yet as children you are taught just the opposite. The moment you can embrace this truth will be one of the most empowering feelings you will ever have. Everything you desire to experience already exists within you, and once you align to this experience through your thoughts, emotions, and actions is when you will see it manifested in the world outside of you.

“Competition only exists in the mind of fear. Remove your energy and shift your focus from fear to love. You will then continue to draw everything into your life that you love. You do not have the power over the soul of another, so there is nothing you can take away from another soul that was not yours from the creation of love. In the same manner, there is nothing you can remove through the experience that is created by another for the experience of love. Your soul cannot experience that which another soul has created from their love. This is why competition does not exist…only the perception of lack is an illusion the mind has created in order to understand its own joy. The next time your soul creates the illusion of competition, you will know from the position of love if this which you seek, was created for your higher good, or if that which you are seeking to experience is merely the transformation of your perspective from illusion into reality.”

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose