The Gift of Time

We get 86,400 seconds through each day to live our life. Yet, how many of us go through life in a blur thinking about our days and just walking through the fog wondering? Wondering when your perfect opportunity will come knocking, wondering when you will be happy again, and wondering when you will get to experience your own greatness? But it’s easy to forget your opportunities, happiness, and greatness comes in the moments of your life. We live our life in the moments, but when you think about your life are you just coasting through and waiting to create your goals? Or are you seizing every opportunity to push your energy forward and expand to become the greatest version of yourself. Now that I sit at my computer and consider another New Year goal, I have to ask myself what keeps us from accomplishing the goals from our list last year? We are rolling into 2021 and I am guilty of pushing another goal into this year because I failed to create it. Not out of lack if interest, but lack of discipline.

How many times have you started a fitness goal on the first of every year and swore you would make it a reality…. this time for sure? Well, I am guilty of doing this same resolution every.single.year! Seriously, it’s almost embarrassing if it weren’t so darned funny! I would start the year out with every intention to commit to my fitness goals, but there was always something missing. The discipline to complete it. When I look back at last year, I committed to 2 online programs with AMAZING fitness coaches, but my lack of disciplined eating prevented me from really achieving my dream of reaching my fitness goals. If I ate food to comfort myself, then 2020 was a year of comfort food eating unlike any other! But… I had control over what I put in my mouth so I alone sabotaged my fitness goals. Somehow that makes me both sad and feeling empowered. Why? Because I know I can do something about it.

So, what makes us choose to create certain goals and pretend we have no control over others? As a Certified Life Coach and Interview Coach, I tell women every day that you have the power to achieve every dream God places in your heart. However, you can bring in a lot of old baggage and try to pack them into new dreams. This old baggage can include lack of worthiness, lack of self-love, or just pushing through your fear of the unknown. Every new goal comes with a certain fear of experiencing something new. Since we are creatures of habit, this last fear can often be the factor that keeps you from moving into the next level of your own greatness! I don’t know about you…. but I am ready to experience a little bit of my own greatness… what I am capable of. After all, I push women every day towards becoming a greater version of themselves, and I sometimes need a little inspiration to do the same.

What if you and I made a choice today, to become a greater version of ourselves? What if you decided to write that book today? What if you dedicated your time to painting that beautiful picture God has placed in your mind, or recorded your first Podcast? What if you chose to lift the fog covered glasses you have been walking through life wearing, and realized your gift is waiting to be experienced by you during one of these 86,400 seconds…. today? For me, I will dedicate myself to pushing out of my own fear of growing into my stronger self through my fitness journey. What do you want to do this year…. today? Because we have all learned that time and health are two of the greatest wealths we have been given. What will you do with yours?


Each soul has the ability to create abundance of love and joy in your lives. Through free will you get to decide what emotions you desire to create. I will never seek to break my covenant with you, rather to love and guide you along your journey. Whatever you desire in love my child, you can create……..

When you cease from seeing me separate from you is the moment you will move mountains just with the faith of a tiny seed. No longer do you feel guilty for creating love, but instead you choose to assist others in creating love in their own lives.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker





Your journey begins with a prayer,


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