Your Transformation Begins Within

How do we transform our world when fear crosses our minds throughout the day? With so much fear crossing our television and computer screens from hurricanes to threats of war, how do we remain calm in a world that appears to be driven by turbulence? It is hard to focus our hearts on love and peace today as we are constantly being inundated with visions of fear. Yet we are born into a God who is all love and peace… and we are all very much connected as one to our creator. When all seems to be out of control, how do we remain in control?

It has been my personal experience that although we cannot control our world around us we do have complete control over our own thoughts, emotions, and actions. However, it seems that the fear so often gains greater exposure through our attention given to it. What if we had more control over creating peace in our lives than we think we do? If we are connected as one through God, then wouldn’t our Source of love and peace be as present as the fear based reality we seem to be experiencing today?

My heart has broken for the millions of people affected by the hurricanes and I have prayed more for those around me in the past month than I have in a very long time. Why? I forget as many of us do, that we are all connected and that our prayers are heard and our cries felt by God. So often I have been so immersed with my own life, that I forgot to pray for the lives of others. Through my prayers I have been gently reminded of this. Yet through these same prayers my heart knows that God hears our cries and knows our thoughts. I don’t doubt that more people have reached out to God through our crisis and have been encouraged to place our faith in that which we cannot see.

I believe our fear is the beginning of many of our transformation, because through fear I have been forced many times to drop to my knees in prayer and ask that God show me the way into love and peace of mind once again. Every time I have prayed for this, God has responded with love and a light at the end of my dark tunnel. Our transformation from fear into love needs to begin within our own souls. If through prayer, we are deliberately turning to God for love and transformation in our world then we are being led to create a world where God and love begins to become our focus.

It is through my faith where I believe we each have the power to create miracles in our own lives, and show others the world of possibilities rather than a world where fear is the driving force. Prayer is the conduit that transforms our world within into our world outside where we can dream bigger than we have ever dreamt and create lives filled with love by doing those things we love. My prayer for you is that your world transforms into the miraculous vision you once dreamt of when you believed that all things were possible, because through the power of prayer and the power of God… they are.



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