Your Soul is Your Dream Home

Do you realize the most beautiful and perfect home you can ever reside in lies within you? Your dream home is ultimately your own soul, and every day it seeks to connect with you through your own dreams, thoughts, and prayers. Yet how much time and energy do you dedicate to creating a sanctuary within you so you can escape the illusion and fear from a world outside of you? Thirteen days ago, I started a Dream Challenge and have been focusing on creating a new goal in my life. Something that will transform me into the level of mind, body, and soul that I want to create. Since then, I notice that when I work on creating this new goal, I am going within my own mind to pull from resources I have through the power of meditation, prayer, and intention. None of this action comes from anyone outside of myself.

Then once I connect to this goal, I have to discover innovative ways to make this dream a reality through my own actions. Although I am inspired by many people who have created new goals, I still have to do the work myself and align with this very goal I want to experience in the physical world. This action relies only on my own work and cannot be brought about by another. Lastly, as I work on creating this new experience for myself, I am not looking at the world outside of me for proof of its existence. Rather I am focused on the vision I see within the walls of my soul and my imagination and only focusing on the creation of this mind, body, and soul. None of this comes from the work of anyone else around me.

When you think about the goals you have accomplished throughout your life, your process has been much the same. You reached within the walls of your own soul to connect with a vision you had of something you alone could create. Then through the work of your own actions were you able to make this dream a reality. Knowing this, how much time do you spend ensuring the home within your own soul is de-cluttered and your sacred space? You cannot be truly happy unless you begin with peace in your own soul’s home. This is your dream space… your own sanctuary to call home. A place to escape to when the weight of the world feels like it is caving in on you. Be sure that you are doing everything necessary to keep your dream home your beautiful sanctuary. A place where you can escape the negative fear from the world around you, and connect with God within.

Life is but a playground, so seek to experience joy within yourself first. Only then will you know what it is to be the magnificent children of God you are. I need nothing from you in order to love and know myself. There is nothing you can do to disobey me, for I seek not perfection from you. How can I seek to condemn that which I am? I seek only to remind each soul who connects with even one word in these messages, that you are loved beyond measure.

If I create what the world would deems as a miracle in order to remind you that you and I are one, then the miracle was not for the chosen but for all of my chosen children. Each soul walking the journey through life has been called and chosen for the experience of perfection. Enjoy the journey and know you are worthy beyond what you can comprehend.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

Your journey begins with a prayer,


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