You are Your Greatest Competition

When you look in the mirror realize the person staring back at you is your greatest competition. God created us to be magnificent spiritual beings having a physical experience and everything we desire to create already lies within us. Competition begins within because you create the vision, align with the unfolding of it, and act on the experience of physically having it in your life today. Competition with another person is an illusion, so when my clients ask me how to balance the world of competition on the pageant stage or the stage of life, then I remind them that balance comes from being in control over your own emotions,thoughts, and actions.

I believe the some of the most successful competitors have won before they even take the stage or enter the contest. How is this possible when we see the physical unfolding of competitions everyday? Easy! We are all energy beings, and the person who creates the experience of already having won the competition on a spiritual level is the person who will ultimately experience it in the physical world. Mind, body, and soul are our connections to creating our greatest goals and aligning with dreams that would otherwise appear to be unattainable. 

Spiritual beings having a physical experience use their energy on a spiritual and physical level to create their greatest goals. Prayer is the food for the soul and without it, our goals become seemingly impossible to accomplish. Once we realize the vision God shows us within is possible, then our emotions connect to that vision and our actions create the experience of having it before we even manifest it on a physical level. This is how I won an International Pageant and this is how many of my winners across the globe are able to win their competitions and align with their greatest dreams. It all begins within. To learn techniques to help you create your greatest vision, read my book Preparing the Mind to Win .

Live Inspired Miracle Workers,


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