Winning the Pageant Interview – Are You Memorable?

As you prepare for winning your upcoming pageant interview, have you mastered the art of selling yourself as the person for the job? If you don’t believe you are the best person for the role you are applying for, then the judges won’t believe it either. Everyday I tell my clients that the only person I need to convince is the winner of the pageant is the client themselves… not the judges. The best salesperson believes in their product and in the exemplary service they provide. Once they believe what they are selling, then the sales process is effortless and the close is easy. So ask yourself, how are you at mastering the process of selling yourself to a group of strangers that you only have moments to connect with?

Being memorable is about knowing the details that separate you from people around you. This appears to be an easy process, yet ask yourself how many times you have heard contestants in pageantry define themselves through the same descriptive words the majority are using. For example, these are just a few words and phrases I have heard repeatedly in pageantry…

  1. Passionate
  2. Dedicated
  3. Hard-Working
  4. People -Person or I love People
  5. I didn’t choose my platform – it chose me.
  6. I want to win because I am a great role model
  7. Use the title as a voice or as a megaphone

The list could cover the entire page, so if you have or are currently using these words or phrases then realize you are in the majority. It becomes more difficult to stand out among a group of contestants if your interview sounds just like theirs does. So, how do you master the art of selling yourself and your services? Through practice, practice, and more practice. In fact your practice should be so good that it now sounds authentic and spontaneous. Knowing what to share and how to share your interview are the keys to being memorable in the interview room. For more winning pageant and competition tips, read Creating Queens Secrets in Pageantry and the corresponding Creating Queens Workbook.

Are you ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn winning pageant techniques? I can walk you step by step to your next competitive level, so contact me and I will help you prepare!

Live Inspired Miracle Workers!

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