What is Your Message?

Have you ever thought about what creates your success through your message? When you are reaching your audience through a workshop, the social media, or the Judges Interview room, how do you know on a soul level that you shared a successful message? This weekend I had the chance to provide a Pageant Preparation Workshop in Georgia to some pretty outstanding women. Although their levels of pageant experience varied, they all had the one common desire to improve their skills in communications, platform development, and Interview. As I was preparing for this workshop I had to ask myself what my definition of success was for the event so I knew what I needed to create.

We spend so much of our lives searching for something outside of ourselves when we can tap into Source energy and connect to it within the walls of our own souls. When we honor our God whispers, we are led to speak words of inspiration to someone who needs to be empowered. We are able to remind others that the knowledge they seek is often already within them, but they need to trust their own inner guidance system and walk in faith while creating their path to success.

My message has always been to inspire people into developing a closer relationship with God. Whether I am coaching clients to honor their sacred God whispers that lead them towards their greatest dreams, or reminding them to step out of their comfort zone and push beyond their self-imposed limitations, my goal is always one and the same. To connect you back into self so you can listen to God and discover your purpose by living a life of passion.

If I were to quantify my message by assuming it wasn’t successful because I didn’t speak to an audience of 10,000 people then I would be insulting God and his message. In essence I would be saying that the one or 45 souls I speak to at a certain event are not as important as the 10,000 people in a stadium. However, I remind myself that I am the one person in a crowd of 10,000 people and if someone chose not to honor their God whisper and follow their journey to inspire and empower me, then how would I be reached?

“Yet there are no measurements for the hope and laughter your words, thoughts, and deeds have and will continue to provide the souls, who are yet to incarnate on this spiritual journey. You wish to measure the immeasurable, and count the blessings of those who have not yet called their own souls their home. How can you measure your thoughts, love, and passion to heal the world from their chains, and measure it in something as trivial as a yardstick? As this is what you are expecting to see. When you realize your ripple-effect being sent across the heavens, even as your thought transforms into words, you will see how it appeared to you as being a small act of kindness.” – Excerpt from Through the Eyes of Truth; a Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life & Discovering Our Purpose

We must remember that we change the world one person at a time. We inspire dreamers one voice at a time, and we empower the broken souls by reminding them that their truth resides in the world within them rather than the world outside of them. By starting today to listen to your internal GPS you will recognize the voice of God within you. This will help you to trust your guidance and write a new chapter into the story of your life… which may inspire another to do the same. Your life is your story and your story is your message. You are just as important as one individual as a group of 10,000 people, so never sell yourself short. Start today and realize you are the author of your own life story so live inspired Miracle Workers!




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