Today is Make Your Dream Come True Day!

What is you dream? What have you hidden in the dark corners of your soul that is just waiting to come to life? Well, if you don’t bring them into the light then you risk never getting to realize just what gift God has waiting for you to experience. What if your dream creates a ripple effect across the Universe and inspires millions to reach within themselves to embrace their creative power? More importantly, what if your dream inspires such a deep level of love within you that you understand the power that prayer has on your own life?

Today, is Sunday January 13th and I challenge you to pull your dream out of the cobwebs of your soul and make it come true. After all, as a child of God you have the power to create your greatest miracles! Have you challenged yourself lately to do just that? You live in a small bubble of your very own potential and could create what you would consider a miracle, if only you gave yourself the chance. Wouldn’t today be the perfect day to start? Your dream doesn’t have to be shared…just created.

What an amazing lesson in the power of prayer if you could ask God to help you create your grandest dream! You could push yourself into discovering your own unlimited potential and deepen your relationship with God. This is a win/win! God has blessed you with an extraordinary life, and maybe you have yet to realize what a magnificent creator you are. Wouldn’t today be the perfect day to begin? Let’s do this together. Your role is to dig deep within your soul and pull that dream into the light. Pray and ask God how to create this and most importantly…. listen to God’s answer. Listen to your God whispers and understand that you have free will over your own thoughts, emotions, and actions. These are the only tools you need to create your dream!

Things to consider while making your dream come true:

  1. Set a specific goal. Being specific allows you to detail the experience of what you desire to create.
  2. Ensure this goal will bring the experience of love into your life as you are in the process of creating it. As spiritual beings having a physical experience you are driven by either fear or love, so ensure the dream is creating love.
  3.  Pray. As a child of God, you are one with your Creator and everything you desire to experience has already been created within you. Prayer allows you to journey through this dream creation with the creator of all that is.
  4. Dedicate daily time to creating. Whatever you focus your thoughts, emotions, and actions on you create. In order to bring in a new experience into your life, you must dedicate your creative power into making this dream come true each and every day.
  5. Set a Timeline. Goals are easier to achieve when you set a specific deadline. Give yourself a realistic timeline in which to create your goal but ensure you have an end in sight.
  6. Don’t Give Up. Your dreams take time and they may not come easy but if you dedicate your time and energy towards creating them, then you are the person who brings them into fruition. Whatever you do… don’t give up. You are the dream creator and if you aren’t working towards your dream manifestation then who is?
  7. Have fun!

I look forward to helping inspire you to create your dream! Through my conversations with God, I have learned that we each have the power to create anything our soul truly desires to experience. My eyes were opened when I discovered the power we each have to create our greatest life. You can learn how to see the world through the eyes of love rather than fear. You can see your life Through the Eyes of Truth. Writing this book changed my life and it could change yours! Order your copy of Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose today!

Your journey begins with a prayer,


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