The Power of Prayer

More than ever before I have been reminded of the power of prayer for the past several weeks. First as I sat in my home in Texas and watch Hurricane Harvey demolish our neighboring city of Houston and now as I watch helplessly as Hurricane Irma impacts my family’s hometown in Puerto Rico. Even though I spoke to my Papi and asked him to please be careful, I realize there is nothing I can do from my home in Texas while my eyes stay glued to the television while watching the swirling red mass that is now covering his hometown. I am a firm believer in prayer and have always felt a strong connection to God. When I prayed as a child, I felt and heard my God whisper speaking to me as clearly as I would hear a conversation with my mother.  I think this is why it was so easy for me to pray. Because I knew Source was listening and I could wait for his response. With each prayer and every passing year, my communication grew stronger and my understanding grew deeper.

Now as I sit in the safety of my home, I reach out to God once again for the safety of my family and those possibly affected by Hurricane Irma. Even as I feel discomfort watching the warnings flash across my screen, I know God has heard all of our prayers because the storm is moving slowly away from the island. These past few weeks have reminded me that although we may feel we are walking through this journey of life often feeling isolated and lonely, we are never alone. It is often our perception of feeling separate from our Creator where we create our life through our perception. If we feel alone and as if we are not connected to God then we often create our experiences from those feelings of separateness.

It is so important to remember that God is within us and is experiencing life through us. There is no separation between us and Source except through our perception of being disconnected. Prayer is the most effective way of communicating with God and developing our relationship with him. You don’t need to see truth, as your heart and soul know there is something greater than yourself that you can seek guidance and unconditional love from. Turn to this truth and allow it to develop into your greatest relationship – your relationship with God,

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