The Illusion of Competition

How would your life be if you knew you had the power to create your greatest miracles from within the power of your own mind? Have you considered what experiences you would love to have? Maybe travel to exotic locations, run your first marathon, or win your next competition? Look at the world today and some of the most amazing minds who have created new technology, ideas, and ways to make our lives easier and ask yourself where these ideas came from? All of these amazing ideas began with a vision (thought) then followed with passion (emotion) and executed through vigorous work (action.) Within our minds lie the most amazing experiences just waiting to be created, yet we often spend so much time and energy focused on the world outside of us that we forget we are miracle workers. Since we focus our attention on what has already been created, then we think we need to compete for those experiences. The truth of the world of competition lies in the knowing that we can no more vie to “win” something another person has created for themselves long before you witness the creation of it in the world outside of you.

We have been taught an illusion that we need to compete for things we want to experience. The truth is that you can create the experience of what you desire first within the power of your own mind, then follow it with the work it takes to bring it into your physical experience. Many call this the law of attraction but it really it the law of life. As children of God, whatever you desire to experience you have the power within yourself to bring this into your physical experience. You don’t need to compete with anybody else for a contest or a pageant. By the time the contest arrives, the person who has created this has already been spiritually, emotionally, and quite possibly physically connected to it. There is a different “feeling” of already having this win before they even experience it. As an International and National Pageant winner, and now as a coach I teach clients every day how to tap into the power of their own mind to create experiences that many people around the world compete for. Of course it takes work to prepare for any experience, but a great deal of the work starts within the mind, body, and soul.

As spiritual beings having a physical experience, we are all created from energy. By focusing our minds, emotions, and actions on the creation of experiences we are able to connect and align with that very experience which is seeking us as well. Using mental tools such as prayer, visualization, and meditation allows us to connect with the vision of the experience. Then through our emotions and using our senses to understand what having this experience will bring into our lives, will we be able to feel the joy and love of what this experience brings. Finally, through our work of creating the opportunity can we know ourselves as the co-creators in our lives we are meant to be. There is no separation of time or space that is prohibiting your senses of the depth of joy and gratitude you will feel when you already have your goal in your life today. Your heart will connect to these emotions as your mind visualizes and creates the vision so specific, that you know with all of your heart you have “won” before the experience even happens.

Preparing your mind to win is about aligning with the goal you desire to experience through the power of prayer, intention, and action. Since we are all children of God, then abundance in anything that brings us love and joy is our birthright. The achievement of goals is not saved for the lucky or the special, but is created by ordinary people with extraordinary passion. You can be one of those people who create what the world would consider a miracle. All you need to do is change your perspective from not having to already having the goal in your life today. This process takes effort and faith, but so does attempting to convince yourself that you can’t create the life of your dreams. You are a miracle worker and now is the time to act like one! For more information on Preparing the Mind to Win, order my book on Amazon!

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Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!


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