The Art of Winning Pageants Using the Law of Attraction

The art of winning pageants using the law of attraction allows us to paint the picture of our journey and use every detail possible to connect to the unseen. If you could create the experience of winning before you even stepped foot on the stage, would you do this? What if I told you that I used the Law of Attraction to win my state, national, and international pageant titles? I harnessed the power of my thoughts, emotions, and actions to create the win before I stepped foot on the stage, and you can too! Our mind is capable of creating so many amazing experiences, yet we limit ourselves to what we see. Use your pageant journey to push yourself beyond your own self-imposed limitations and push your mind to create experiences you once dreamed of.

“Realize that your role as a successful contestant is not to convince the world around you that you deserve to win a pageant. Your role as a co-creator in life is to convince yourself that you are worthy of creating the experience without the approval or permission from another person. If you realized the power you have within yourself to create so many dreams you would spend less time entertaining yourself on the social media and more time harnessing your energy to reward yourself. We are not taught this in schools or even home because we watch our parents struggle to care for our family and learn we have to create our lives much like they did, and their parents before them.

Learn to replace the voices of approval from the world outside of you by listening to your own voice. So many contestants desire to win a pageant and use opportunities to make a difference. They want to have their voices heard and impact the life of another person, yet so often these same contestants fail to hear their own voices. They allow the world of pageantry and the illusion of perfection to define them. When you realize that you can live in a world of possibilities then you can identify your greatest dream. What would you do to create that dream one thought at a time. How would you shift your concern of getting approval from another person to validating yourself?

The greatest gift you can bestow to yourself for your next pageant is to create the ultimate goal of your journey today by being as detailed as possible. Use every ounce of passion that you have to be so focused you allow nothing to create the illusion of fear in your mind. Your thoughts are your most powerful tool because your emotions and actions follow your thoughts. Guard them carefully and understand the road to your own greatness is often a journey you travel alone. It does not mean that you have to be lonely, rather you just get to create your own definition of success and what it means in your life today. Shift your perception from lack to already having that goal and you will see it eventually come into your experience just as you created it to be.

Utilize the talents of people in your industry who you connect with and want to emulate. Learn from your perceived failures and most importantly, never allow fear to create a wall between you and your dreams. Fear is an illusion that once identified can be used to turn your pain into power. You hold the key that unlocks the door to where you are today and where you ultimately want to be at the end of your goal. Are you going to stand by and watch others walk through their doors and live vicariously through them? Or are you going to have the courage to realize that as a child of the Divine abundance of any dream you desire is not only your gift but your birthright.” – Excerpt from Preparing the Mind to Win

Are you ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn winning pageant techniques? I can walk you step by step to your next competitive level, so contact me and I will help you prepare!

Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!




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