Take Your Power Back!

I have learned that as spiritual beings having a physical experience, we are driven by emotions. These emotions are the “why” of the foundation of our goals. Think about it… anything we desire to experience comes down to creating love or fear. These can be relationships with people, with our goals, or with ourselves. The only value we place on anything is a very personal experience we desire to have with that very thing. So, when I was looking back at 2018 and analyzing my fitness goals, I realized that I sabotaged so much of my own progress due to fear.  Although I was disciplined and attended all of my scheduled workouts with my trainer, pushed myself beyond my own limits 5-6 times a week at the gym, there was still a small amount of fear that kept me from doing the necessary actions I needed to do to truly feel empowered.

In the back of my mind, I felt discomfort and a small tinge of anxiety when I knew I needed to complete my cardio and proper nutrition to achieve my goals. Rather than push through this anxiety and emotional discomfort, I chose to allow eating carbs and neglecting my cardio to interfere with my goals. Then I would sit in my trainer’s office in complete disbelief that I was not where I wanted to be after a year of workouts. Shame on me! How you think is a choice and I am finally taking my power back and choosing to hold myself accountable. Although my love for wanting to gain muscle and strength in my body was pushing me, I was not addressing the fear that held me back. To be honest… I am still 100% unclear of what this fear is, but I am choosing to push myself through it.

You gain power over your thoughts, emotions, and actions when your love for wanting to create an experience becomes greater than your fear of it. In other words, after one year of going to the gym, my love for wanting to become empowered through my fitness journey has FINALLY become greater than my fear of achieving it! You manifest your greatest experiences through your own power, and I have learned to take my power back. What does this mean to me for the next year?

Taking My Power Back Means…

  1. No Excuses – Although I NEVER make excuses in the gym for not being able to do my workouts, I realized I was making them when it came to my cardio and my eating. Let’s face it, carbs are not kind to my stomach so there is literally no excuse I had to eat them. After I would consume carbohydrates in the form of bread, rice, potatoes, and my all-time favorite… pizza, I would lay down with the most miserable stomach ache for hours. There was literally no excuse for me to do this, yet because I would not push beyond my fear, I sabotaged myself weekly.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail – You are all perfect spiritual beings having an imperfect physical experience, yet how many of us have identified our worth by our success? Through the knowledge I gained from writing my books, I learned that fear can be such a powerful force and will keep so many of you from creating the life you want… this includes your own personal health and fitness. How can we be afraid of other imperfect people judging us when they are no more perfect than we are? Yet I was so afraid of being judged in the gym, I feared pushing myself beyond what I had ever created with my own goals. Even today when I go to the gym, I am met with snarky comments from people who are asking me what I am trying to prove. I have learned to literally ignore these people instead of dreading having to come up with a reason. As soon as I realized I don’t need another person’s approval or permission to achieve my goals, then I took my power back… so can you!
  3. Asking for Help – Anyone who knows me understands that I am probably one of the most stubborn people on the face of the earth. This has been both a benefit and a hinderance when it comes to achieving my goals. Once I set my mind to accomplish something, then it is done… period. I will move mountains to achieve a goal if it means enough to me to achieve it… but my love for the goal needs to be stronger than my fear of achieving it. When I realized I needed help from someone who has more knowledge than I have with my fitness, is the moment I took my power back. I hired a personal trainer who has literally been the answer to my prayers! She is one of the most amazing people I know, and her drive to help her clients reminds me of my own. Amy Erwin has pushed my body, mind, and soul beyond my own limits and her knowledge of the human body and how it works has created muscles on this skinny frame of mine. Pray for the right person to come into your life to help you achieve your goals, and God will answer your prayers. This is taking your power back!
  4. Create a New Comfort Zone – I tell my clients on a daily basis that I am going to make discomfort become your new comfort. This is truth. You have already created the life you have and the body you are in through your comfort zone and your repetitive thoughts and actions. Expecting to change your life by creating new goals and remaining in your current comfort zone is an illusion. You need to change your thoughts and actions in order to create change in your life. This makes sense as you read it, but how many of you actually embrace this truth? I realized that by sabotaging my own fitness goals, I was choosing to stay comfortably uncomfortable. Now, I am choosing to make being uncomfortable my new comfort and that’s taking my power back!

Take your power back today and realize that as a child of God, you have the power to create miracles in your own life. What do you choose to create? Whether you are creating a fit mind, body, or soul, the choice is yours. You don’t need the permission or the approval of anyone else to make choices that support deepening your relationship with God and yourself. After writing my books Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose and Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker, I wanted to apply the principles I learned from my answered prayers. I feel there is a difference from knowing something and applying it to your life, and I wanted to start the new year with new goals of applying the knowledge I gained to creating my fitness goals. You are here to experience yourself as a co-creator with God, and through prayer and the right mindset you can create your loftiest goals. Start today!

Honor Your God Whispers!



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