Stay the Course

“Do you now understand that you are already one with the dream you seek? For when you are able to understand this truth on a soul level, you will achieve mastery upon realizing you are not your conditions. At any point in your evolution you will know you can change your thoughts to alter your course. Yet how many souls will travel through the veil of light only wishing they had understood this truth and experienced it on a greater level in their lives? There are so many souls my child who are experience the broken dreams of their lives and placing the burden on their lack of worthiness? They have convinced themselves they are the experience they failed to accomplish, so they associate themselves as failure.

When you awaken to the truth that failure is as much an illusion as is fear, then you will understand the greatness of who you are. Yet rather than dismiss the emotions and thoughts of failure, so many souls choose to identify with those emotions of fear and disappointment, thus they cannot separate themselves from the feelings. This in turn creates the unity of the emotions of disappointment. The feelings become so overwhelming that it consumes the soul until they cannot separate their own soul from their feelings. Because of this, it becomes more difficult to bear the burden of disappointment and they make a conscious decision not to add to those emotions, so they disconnect from self and thus from their God.

For if you are one with me and create your life through the awareness of me, then you have only fear to create when you are no longer aware of my presence within you. Rather than seek to know yourself through love in the arms of all that is love, you detach from me and live your life in fear. I have called many to awaken the hearts of those who still seek to know self through their Creator. Some will awaken and answer the call while others will remain in their fear based trance. What will you do my child, when it is time to answer the call to awaken the souls in the world around you one person at a time? Will you cease to know self because you feel not worthy enough, or will you answer my call?” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia.

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Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!




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