Start Your Day in Gratitude

How many of you woke up this morning and before your feet hit the ground, you said a prayer of gratitude? My daily morning routine includes spending moments in prayer thanking God for all of my blessings. This practice allows me to start my day with a thankful heart and allows me to be open to looking for more blessings in my life. After years of doing this every day, I have never been more aware of my blessings than this past week when Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico. My Papi is on the island without power, barely any food, and hot and humid temperatures that are worrisome. The things many of us take for granted such as a home with walls and comfort, air conditioning, and running water are all things that many people around the world are doing without. To us they may appear insignificant, but to people like my Papi they are luxuries that are not afforded to many people on the island today.

Along with my morning gratitude prayers, I find myself being thankful for these luxuries because I know they are the same things millions of people are praying for today. I get to drive my car to the grocery store where I know I will discover rows of food on the isles. Yesterday, my 82-year-old Papi waited 8-10 hours in a line to purchase gas but he doesn’t have the luxury of driving to the grocery store because the shelves are still empty. So today I say a prayer of gratitude for those blessings God has placed before me while saying a prayer of gratitude for Papi and the millions of people waiting to receive food, water, gas for their cars, and many of the luxuries I know they will soon be blessed with.

You see, I have to pray for gratitude because I know God will provide these needs to them as he has to me. As the days progress, and I find my mind wandering to the fear I am experiencing as I witness images on the television. Through my conversations and hearing about the living conditions from Papi, I have chosen to remain in faith and gratitude. It becomes too easy to lose myself in fear which I know will escalate to even more fear and anxiety.

One thing I have learned through prayer and my conversations with God is that we choose how we create our experiences through our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Although I cannot control many situations in my life, I can control how I react to them and how I focus my attention throughout the day. By starting my day in gratitude, I am focused on the blessings bestowed to me today and can continue having an attitude of gratitude while I create more experiences throughout my day. By starting your day in gratitude, you are choosing to be happy for what you have which will open your life to receiving more things that bring love and joy into your life. Live inspired Miracle Workers and continue following your God whispers.





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