I have always been fascinated by the power of the mind since I was a young girl. As someone who has lived a life of deep spirituality, I always believed I could create my life in the manner that brought me the greatest amount of love and joy. I think that faith has been the driving force in my life, and when we have great faith we are often called to create great visions.

Looking back on my childhood it would explain why I always had my head buried in books about spirituality, the power of the mind, and the power of prayer. My mantra in life is to ask the question “why” because I always wanted to know the root of why things were as they are. When my mom, teachers, and those around me got tired of telling me, “because I said so,” then I realized I needed to be in search of my own answers to my greatest questions.

This is when I developed my spirituality and my relationship with God or Source energy. Realizing that I could pray and ask God anything allowed me to learn to listen to the responses from the whispers of God’s answers through the echos of my soul. I began to understand on a deeper level the answers to the questions that others couldn’t answer for me. As I grew into adulthood my connected became stronger and the answers to my prayers would all lead me to write books about prayer, life after death, and those topics I was most passionate about discovering.

My love for writing began in the third grade and writing has always been my way of expressing myself when words would escape me. I wrote songs, poems, and short stories because it was my way of meditating and connecting to God in my own perfect way. Writing allowed me to connect with something greater than myself and giving me permission to love myself in a way I had never known before.

It wasn’t until I lost my mother after a long battle with breast cancer when I realized that everything is an illusion and I needed to search my heart and embrace my authentic self and those passions I loved to pursue. No longer did the opinions of others dictate my life, but now I would follow the internal guidance system of my own soul.

One afternoon after months of struggling and dealing with much of life’s changes, I was broken-hearted and my faith was breaking to the point that I was questioning my own spirituality. I dropped to my knees in tears and asked God to show me my truth. What happened then literally sent chills throughout my entire body as I heard God whisper into my soul the word, “write.” I stopped crying and didn’t move a muscle as I heard the word again, “write.” Suddenly I felt a surge of energy pull me up to my feet and I bolted to the computer that was resting on the kitchen table just a few feet away from me. As I sat down and placed my hands on the keyboard, I had no idea what I was supposed to write about. I closed my eyes and as I opened them again I looked down at my fingers and they were tapping feverishly on the keyboard. I was typing the answer to my prayer. I watched the computer screen and watched the words fill the screen with God’s message to me. As I was typing these words, I felt the passion and emotions coming through my heart and I continued to write for months until I finished my book which I titled, “Through the Eyes of Truth.”

My goal with this book and this blog is to help inspire you to see yourself as a worthy child of the Creator and realize your own truth perfection through living your life at your greatest potential. I hope these words will remind you that anything your heart and soul wish to experience is just a prayer and a miracle away. As co-creators of your own life, you are all Miracle Workers and I hope that somewhere in these words, you will remember how great you truly are!