Preparing the Mind to Win is about creating an action plan that provides you a step by step process towards achieving your goal. So often we think about having our new goal and wonder what our lives would look like if we owned it now. Preparing our minds allows us to be fully invested in our goals through thoughts, feelings, and ultimately action. You can no more expect to achieve a goal by just sitting around daydreaming of having it, if you have not created a step by step plan towards achieving it. Thought and emotion will get you so far, but ultimately action is the final ingredient needed to bring that goal into your physical experience.

When I wrote my first book, “Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering our Purpose,” I could have very easily left my dream of becoming an author half realized. It would have been easier for me to close my eyes and just hear my God whisper sharing with me information about how to create my life. Had I not applied the work of writing the book, editing, and finally publishing the book, I would not have created the opportunity to become an author. Furthermore, I took this instruction manual as my answered prayer and applied the lessons I learned through writing the book into my life today. I had to step out of my fear and create experiences that would bring more love into my life so I would have more love to experience.

The power of our thoughts can literally transform our lives to create such abounding joy, if only we learn to master our thoughts and use our own God given power to create new goals. What often happens is people will consider a goal they want to achieve and the thought then creates an emotion of joy. However, it is what we do in the next step that determines how successful we become at achieving new goals. Once our thoughts align with our emotions, we must take the action needed to complete the act of creating the experience. We can no more just sit around and think of being successful unless we act upon those thoughts to bring about the necessary changes for success.

I have worked with clients before who insisted they received confirmation from God that they were going to win a pageant. However when I asked them to share with me their plan of action for creating the “win,” their responses were very similar. They each informed me they were not changing anything about themselves. Needless to say, none of them won their pageants. They somehow convinced themselves the act of creation was something they were anointed with rather than having to create through action. As children of God, we are all anointed with the power to create, which is why we do it every moment of our existence. However what we create needs to be very specific so we can live joyous lives with more love than before.

Preparing your mind to win is about creating your experience through thoughts, emotions, and actions. If while developing your pageant preparation you discover your passion for volunteering, then you can establish a new plan of action to discuss in your Pageant Interview. If you are attempting to earn a full ride scholarship to the school of your choice, then you must apply yourself and study, pass exams, and fulfill your obligation to stand out among a sea of applicants who are all qualified. If you are trying to create a win through beating out your own best time of running a marathon, then it takes more than thinking about it and wishing for it. You must strengthen your body and develop your technique to the point you know exactly what you have done and how it will benefit you. If you cannot answer the question “how” when explaining how you achieve your goals, then you may need to take time to be develop a more specific plan of action for the creative process.

You need to understand how step A, impacts step B, which then creates step C. Ask yourself at every turn, how you are going to achieve your specific goals until you can no longer answer the how question because you have become very detailed. I believe this is where we often lose sight of our goals. We convince ourselves we don’t have the answers because we have never achieved a goal this lofty before. Then we convince ourselves of our worst fears and illusions so we can use them as excuses to remain comfortable in our discomfort. Fear is a strong illusion and you need to understand you can move beyond it by taking control of your plan.

If the fear of the unknown or the fear of failure crosses your mind, you may talk yourself out of your goal. You cannot just stop being in fear of failure, you must understand what your specific fears are and replace them with new patterns of creating. Look at your creative process as a toolkit to help another person create the life of their dreams. If you can understand the specific techniques you applied to become successful and be able to share them with another, then you are on your way to understanding how you think, what you desire to feel in the experience, and ultimately what actions you need to take to make your dream a reality. To learn more about how you can discover your purpose, order my book or audio book, Through the Eyes of Truth – a Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose.”

Live inspired Miracle Workers!