Prepare your Mind to Win Your Pageant – Not Just Compete In It.

When I competed at my state pageant before getting to compete at the Mrs. International Pageant, I literally didn’t tell anyone but my husband. The months and weeks prior to my competing, I was very focused on creating my emotional experience before I even walked into the orientation room on a Friday evening pageant weekend. I will never forget running to the ladies bathroom at the office where I worked at 5:10pm because I wanted to ensure that everyone had left the office, and on Friday that was a safe bet.

I quickly changed and applied my pageant makeup and hair in time to drive three blocks down the street where my state pageant was having their orientation. As I snuck out of the ladies room dressed in my beautiful orientation suit and heels, I briskly walked down the hallway where I heard a voice shout of someone’s office, “Hey where are you going all dressed up?” My response without slowing down before my hand pushed the front door open was, “I’m going to compete in a pageant…bye!”

When I walked into work Monday morning, there were a group of women standing in front of our Program Director’s office and they all smiled at me as I nonchalantly walked down the hallway towards them. I was pretending that it was just another Monday morning, but the smiles they had on their faces let me know that the cat was out of the bag and half the office heard that I had competed in a pageant that weekend. One of the ladies piped up and asked, “So….you entered a pageant this weekend? How did you do? The smile that showed my thrill was finally revealed and I told them I had won. The very first question was, why I didn’t tell anyone I was competing.

For me the risk was too great because I knew that I had the power to create my dream through my own thoughts, emotions, and actions and I didn’t want to risk anyone’s negativity dimming my light. It was too important to me, which is why I had worked so hard on a mental level that by my state pageant that weekend I knew I was going to do well because I knew in advance the emotions I had wanted to create, and through my own control was able to provide that experience for myself without the permission of the five judges. I knew that I was working on creating an emotion that would finally begin to empower me after losing my mom to breast cancer only two years prior. It had nothing to do with a crown or banner, and everything to do with believing in faith once again, and allowing my soul to heal on a level that at that time only pageantry could take me through.

In order to create the experience in the physical world, I knew that I had to be courageous enough to stand face to face with something that broke my spirit and allow myself to heal so I could empower myself and others. Being brave doesn’t mean that you have to go about creating your dream alone, but it does represent the amount of resistance that you can withstand if another person attempts to dissuade you from believing in yourself. After all, our dreams are a part of us and if we do not believe in them then we are in essence telling ourselves that we do not believe in what we are capable of. – Excerpt from Preparing the Mind to Win

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