Prepare your Mind to Win a Pageant by Defining the Job

Being involved in the world of pageantry for so long, I know that not every contestant who enters a pageant wants to win it. She may be using it to develop her self-esteem, to create relationships with herself and others who share a bond with her, or maybe just to get one step closer to ultimately creating the experience she has lined up after the pageant. There is a responsibility that goes into winning a pageant, and oftentimes these responsibilities are very much like having a job. The problem is that so many contestants just see the outside of the journey through the photos that are posted on the social media and think that is all that the job requires.

How many contestants actually enter a pageant competition where they truly understand the full job description? Yet so often there is no written description covering all of the roles she will play throughout her year. Instead of researching it, she goes into it completely unwilling to explore the job or understand the expectations and then halfway through her year begins having feelings of disappointment. This is why I believe that very few contestants actually enter a pageant fully preparing to win. Because they don’t take the time to understand what the job requires and how they can fully be the best employee for their Director and the system.

When you interview for a job at work, don’t you ask questions as to what the role and responsibility is of the applicant if they hire you? Of course you are expected to dress nicely for the part and meet new people throughout your course of representing that company, but what goes into the job role behind the obvious? Learning as much as you can about the role you will be playing in the business of pageantry is just as important in getting the job as it is for any position you want to get hired for. The candidate with the best ability to fill this job is the person who will get hired, so don’t you owe it to yourself to connect with the role you want to create on a level of mind, body, and soul? – Excerpt from Preparing Your Mind to Win

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