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Working with Suzy is a powerful experience. Her style of coaching allows for remarkable transformations often in short periods of time. Whether you are creating the ultimate goal on or off the stage, Suzy provides you guidance and tools to empower you to become a better version of yourself.

Suzy has coached women around the globe who are seeking guidance in every area of life — achieving your dream, relationships, body and image, career and money, and much more. While working with Suzy, you will experience firsthand her one-of-a-kind method of combining spiritual principles with practical tools. You’ll be guided to achieve true happiness and a greater sense of self.

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One on One Personal Coaching

Janet & SuzyMany contestants benefit from this intense pageant coaching so they can refine their modeling and on-stage skills, as well as develop their verbal and non-verbal communication. You can sign up for block time sessions or several days to develop your competitive skills. We will tailor your sessions to meet your specific needs and the necessary time you need to dedicate to specific areas of competition. My goal is to get you prepared through allowing you to see yourself the way judges see you and step out of your comfort zone so you stand out as the contestant with the “It” factor!Since no two contestants are alike, one on one coaching allows contestants to prepare for their competition through personal sessions which include:

Winning Judges Interview Techniques
Identifying, Developing & Marketing your Platform
Marketing Yourself as a Titleholder
Modeling, Poise, and On-Stage Presentation
Image Consulting
Mental Conditioning and Self-Esteem Development
Contestant Bio & Application Development

SkypeSkype or Telephone Coaching

This type of coaching is ideal for International and National clients who still want the personal coaching but are restricted due to travel. During these sessions we develop your Judges Interview Techniques, Platform Development, Paperwork and Contestant Bio, as well as Marketing Yourself as a Titleholder. We can also tailor your sessions to practice mock interviews, on-stage question and answer techniques, and develop you as a complete competitor. Skype is also beneficial for Image Consultation and the important but often overlooked part of pageantry – developing your Mental Conditioning to compete better than you ever have before!



Maggi crowning  I have started this letter so many times and it is truly hard to capture in a few paragraphs what you mean to me, and how important you were on my journey to Mrs. International 2014. It literally would not have been possible without you. I remember after participating in Mrs. International 2013, you were the first person I called and knew you would be a key factor in helping turn my weakest area into strengths heading in to Mrs. International 2014. It is one thing to read your book and soak it in word for word, but working with you one on one is a whole other experience. Your insight elevated my ability to help my platform Soles4Souls wear out poverty and stay focused during the entire year.

Even through rough patches, you were always there to encourage, lifts my spirits and helped me stay focused on “My Why”.  When we did our phone calls, your ability to listen and really tune in to me as a person was incredible, even miles and states away I always felt like you were in the room! When someone’s presence can be felt through a phone call, that is a very special person.

Suzy, you are one of a kind and I cherish the friendships we have been able to develop along the way. Your prayers were always felt and every bit of advice taken to heart. Thank you for being one of the keys to unlocking a successful journey to impacting lives around the globe as Mrs. International 2014. The best is yet to come and each day I live in gratitude for the new path you helped me pave.

With love,
Maggi, Mrs. International 2014

SerenaI always loved the excitement of getting ready for a pageant: picking out the perfect dress, modeling, even going to the gym.. until it came to interview preparation. Even when I tried to improve my interview, it always felt canned and over-rehearsed. What the judges could not see was the real me. I worked hard on my platform and was very passionate about my volunteer work. So why did all my answers sound programmed or perhaps worse – like I was not prepared? I can never thank Suzy Bootz enough for helping me to express my ideas, to be confident and prepared. She would take exactly what I was thinking and help me make it sound poised, while never changing my thoughts and using my own words. I just received my scores from interview and on-stage question from my last pageant and I am thrilled! As my confidence increased, I found myself looking forward to interview. Self defeating thoughts were replaced with positive “can do” attitude because I was learning and practicing the skills of good interviewing. What I learned for the pageant interview will help me in the future impress even the most difficult panel for that dream job. Suzy believed in me so that I could believe in myself.

Serena Current

3rd Runner-Up Miss Teen International Pageant 2015

Heidi scheerMy best finish in five attempts….soooo close! Thank you Suzy Bootz for truly making a difference in my prep for Mrs. International 2015. Through you I was able to identify my weaknesses and turn them into strengths! I truly loved every session and gained new perspectives each time we were able to work together. Because of you I was able to soar and reach new goals both professionally and personally.

You are so much more than a coach! You are a teacher, counselor, and a great friend. I thank The Lord for meeting you in 2006, for standing beside you when your name was called, and for everything we’ve shared since. I love you Miss Suzy!

Forever your Friend,

Heidi Scheer

1st Runner-Up Mrs. International Pageant 2015





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