As a Pageant Coach I assist contestants in developing themselves as the complete package before a pageant competition. So often I must remind my clients that pageantry is not about being perfect, rather it is about being prepared. There is so much work behind the scenes that goes into developing a great platform and a strong Judges Interview. One of my clients, Miss Teen International 2016 Garin Harris spend countless hours developing her platform and Judges Interview. We brain-stormed so many great ideas to take her platform of “Dancing through the Pain” to the next level, and at the end of every session she had so much homework to follow up on before we met again for her next session. Between our branding, platform development, and hours upon hours of interview preparation, Garin was invested into her pageant preparation mind, body, and soul. All of this work paid off in the end, because Garin was crowned Miss Teen International 2016. Although the audience witnessed a flawless performance on-stage, they didn’t see the endless time and energy she dedicated to preparing.

Judges are not looking for a perfect candidate to select as the winner of a pageant. They are searching for the “diamond” who has complete pageant preparation and is ready at that moment to hold the job she is applying for. Garin is just one of so many contestants who strive to become a better version of themselves through pageantry. Remember, we are all perfect spiritual beings having an imperfect physical experience. Think about this when you consider pageant preparation vs. pageant perfection. Nobody expect for you to be perfect. They expect you to be prepared. The more you embrace your journey and see the end from the beginning, the better you will feel when you step onto the pageant stage and interview room. Pageant preparation includes platform development, personal interview, on-stage interview, modeling and execution of movement, and being the best version of yourself at that moment. Enjoy the ride because you have one life so live it to the fullest and make the most of yourself!

Miss Teen International 2016, Garin Harris