happybirthdaymy-lovePreparing the Mind to Win is about understanding that failure is not an option. When you seek your greatest purpose from within the walls of your own soul, realize God has a path created specifically for you. This path is usually not to be walked among the masses but to be taken as a sacred journey to connect you to your greater purpose. So often we walk through the road of life following the paths that others have created before us. Yet how often do we question whether these roads serve our greater good? Normally, as creatures of habit we tend to walk through life with our eyes closed and our soul craving something deeper and more meaningful. However, because we don’t understand where we are traveling, we seek comfort through the world outside of us rather than through our connection to God in prayer.

I believe we each receive God whispers throughout the moments in our lives, and it is up to us as to whether or not we want to honor those whispers or ignore them as coincidences. My journey into the world of pageant coaching began years before when I lost my mother to breast cancer. I shared my story in my book, Creating Queens Secrets in Pageantry, and writing the words was one of the steps I needed to take towards healing the part of my soul that still felt unworthy of receiving Gods blessings. As I traveled through the path in my life that led me to coaching, I realized I was given second chances along the way. Although I would never be able to call my mom before her passing to tell her I loved her, I am shown glimpses of grace that she is still very much around me. She appears to me in dreams and her presence reminds me of her energy that she is still very much alive.

Had I not promised myself after her loss that I would honor my God whispers, I would not have entered the Mrs. International Pageant which I later won in 2006. I would not have written the first of many books titled Through the Eyes of Truth, and I would not have honored my calling as a Pageant and Life Coach. Although my journey was often walked in blind faith and courage, I knew in my heart that the one Source who was guiding me through my life was in fact God whispering into my soul. These and so many other moments in my life would not have occurred if I had not chosen to shut out the noise of the world and tune into the voice of my Creator who was guiding me along my path. These moments did not occur because I was more worthy than anyone else, but because I was obedient to my calling.

Preparing the Mind to Win is about conquering our fear of the unknown and chartering into waters that may appear to be deep and turbulent. When you claim your “win,” you in fact have claimed your purpose and your calling. Since the idea of competition is an illusion, I believe any win we claim in this journey through life is against our own fears and our own perceived limits. We have the ability to create miracles in our own lives and become an instrument of inspiration to at least one soul walking this journey who may feel alone and isolated. Your “win” is about breaking down the walls of self-judgment and self-doubt, and realizing that as a child of God you have the power within you to create the greatest experiences you have only dreamed of.

Knowing this, it becomes easier to understand that failure is not an option in this journey. The only failure is the perceived lack of attempt on your part to walk that road that only you can create a new path for. We are not here to become imitations of others around us, but to celebrate in the greatness that we are all children of God and cannot fail at our experiences. Whatever God has in store for you that only you can create, is already waiting to meet you on your path of life. Your role is to connect to your experience and live in gratitude until you realize it in the physical world. Stop worrying about being judged by others who are as imperfect as you are. Instead, seize your moments because you have one chance at this amazing life, and abundance in anything you love is your birthright.

Until next time, live inspired Miracle Worker!