Creating Queens WorkbookWhat is the key to winning a pageant and what do contestants do to prepare for the “unknown?” As a former International, National, and State pageant winner I have used the knowledge I gained from my pageant experiences to successfully coach contestants on all levels of competition and in all phases of pageantry. This workbook is an accompaniment to the Creating Queens Secrets in Pageantry book, and will allow you the space to write and prepare your thoughts which will lead to a better judges interview. This valuable workbook is filled with mock interview questions, controversial topics, trick questions, and platform related questions. Whether you are a Teen, Miss or competing in the Mrs. Pageant systems you will enjoy tailored questions for each division of pageantry. This workbook is also filled with questions that will help you prepare for any pageant system including the USA, America, or married women’s pageants. This workbook is more than a guide to judges interview, as it includes pageant planning tips and necessary items you will need to include while developing your budget. By using this workbook along with the Creating Queens Secrets in Pageantry book, you will prepare yourself for the most difficult interviews whether they are in pageantry, for college interviews, or job interviews. This workbook is filled with pages of information that will guide you step by step into the world of pageantry. Learning the secrets to compete on the level that you ultimately want to achieve is more than meets the eye. I will take you through the journey and help you develop into a confident and prepared contestant whether you are competing in your first pageant or you are a seasoned pageant contestant. You will learn more about yourself by discovering your opinions and be able to convey your message with grace and confidence. This workbook combined with the Creating Queens Secrets in Pageantry book is a must read for any pageant contestant!