Nicole APPNicole and SuzyNikki 1st runner up

I absolutely loved preparing Nicole for the Mrs. International Pageant because she was so disciplined and eager to learn. Part of my job as a Pageant and Interview Coach is to push you beyond the “Pageant Patty” answers and help you create a new brand. This year, Nicole and I worked on multi-lingual campaigns that would take her message of Bully Prevention through Kindness Crossing Boarders to a whole new level. As we brainstormed new ideas, I led her to an APP that she created which is available on iTunes and Google. This APP provides resources and support to people across the world who are victims of bullying. Whether they are at home, school, or at the office, they can download her APP and become immediately linked to support and tools to help them through this difficult time. Most importantly, allow them to see that they are not alone. Because of the countless hours she dedicated to developing her communication skills with me for Judges Interview combined with the unique tools she brought to the interview, Nicole won the Judges Interview for the Mrs. International Pageant. This accounts for 50% of the total scoring, so it was no surprise that with her impeccable speaking skills, her universal message, and her amazing beauty and grace, Nicole was 1st runner-up at the Mrs. International Pageant. I am so proud of her!